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Mom helps daughter cope with an unexpected loss with a kind and thoughtful gesture

Knowing that her daughter would be alone while hearing the bad news, this mom made a considerate gesture before telling her.

Mom helps daughter cope with an unexpected loss with a kind and thoughtful gesture
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Liza Summer, X | @just_juanie

Though one may love the independence of living alone, it is during the challenging times in life one would realize the need for an understanding company. Especially when a person is facing the loss of a loved one, they expect to weather the storm with friends or family by their side. While the way to overcome the loss differs for each individual, the moment of truth, when the bad news is revealed becomes a tad bit easier to go through if someone is next to us. That is what Juanie's mother felt before breaking bad news to her. Juanie—who goes by @just_juanie on X—shared her mom's thoughtful gesture on the platform.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Gustavo Fring

Juanie, a professor based in Los Angeles and New York, received a call from her friend on the morning of 28th September 2022. "This morning, my friend called me at 8:00 AM and asked me if I was up. She was at my door with smoothies," wrote Juanie. While it was not usual for her friend to show up at her door that early in the morning with smoothies, she got a call from her mom. "About twenty minutes later, my mom called and told me my grandmother passed away," she added.


She explained, "She called my friend this morning and asked her to come be with me so I wouldn’t be alone." Since the previous day was the anniversary of Juanie's sister's passing, her mom decided to help her cope with the unfortunate news that was about to come. So, she reached out to Juanie's friend, asking her to simply accompany her daughter without revealing why.


"The love that my friends and family constantly display - I'm just so grateful for them," wrote Juanie, addressing the kindness she received from her kith and kin. As people showed their support for Juanie's loss, she wrote a heartfelt message for the users, saying, "I appreciate the prayers and the condolences. I really am okay." Talking about her grandparents, she wrote, "My hope and faith are in Christ and while it never feels good to lose anyone, my heart is rejoicing that my grandparents are back together again. Their love spans almost 60 years." She also posted an adorable picture of the couple taken before their demise, captioning their names "John Julius Ward Jr. and Laura Frances Maye."


Hundreds of users came forward and offered their condolences, while a few lauded Juanie's mom and her best friend for their support. @ChrisBelluci58, commented, "This brought brightness to a dreary day. Thank you and God Bless you and your Family. Another example of turning what could be a tragic event into a blessing." @1946_AceClubIKE related to the incident and wrote, "My dad passed away almost 11 years ago. I called my friend, who was still in college, about what happened. She made the 3-and-a-half-hour drive home to come to see about me. She was with me for a week. I'm forever grateful and I love her so much." Inspired by this incident, @SkyyNoir wrote, "Your mom is the kind of mom I want to be. Your friend is the kind of friend I want to be. You're surrounded by love and protection. God is good. Sorry, you lost your Granny. God bless you."


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