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Mom gives genius tips to beat the summer craze while making it fun and productive for kids

Summers can be a testing time for parents but with these 6 insightful pointers, kids and parents can both enjoy the summer break.

Mom gives genius tips to beat the summer craze while making it fun and productive for kids
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Summer has already entered our lives. With the summer break, there is scope for a lot of fun and relaxation. Kids anticipate their summer break to go all out on activities, games and whatnot. In the bargain, parents are left exhausted and dumbfounded to find new strategies to keep kids entertained and productive. A mom named Sharon Johnson–who goes by on Instagram–shared six insightful tips that parents can stick to so that their summers are as peaceful and fun as their kids. The mom suggested that keeping simple rules is enough for a productive vacation without getting burnt out.

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As a mom of 6 kids, Johnson shared genius tactics to “stay organized for the summer.” The first rule was a little controversial and had several parents questioning the same. It read, “No tech in the first week.” Johnson urged parents to avoid giving any technological devices to kids in the first week of the break. “Yes, the first few weeks are hell. But I find if the kids can go the first week being bored, the rest of the summer goes so much better,” she said. The second rule is maintaining a giant calendar. The mom shared that she had a big calendar she prepared with her kids on their wall for everyone to see. The calendar holds all the events and plans, so there are no tantrums or debates and the days are well-planned in advance. 

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Image Source: Instagram |

“Rotating meals every week” was the third rule Johnson came up with. She suggested rotating each meal right from cereal to dinner so that they’re not repetitive and there’s no worry about what is to prepare. “Every single Monday morning is a smoothie for breakfast, Tuesdays are eggs, Wednesdays are baked goods, so we always know what’s going to be on the menu,” she explained. The fourth rule was connected with the calendar rule. It read, “No summer bucket lists.” The mom mentioned that all their plans and activities are put on the calendar or are not followed otherwise.

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Image Source: Instagram |

“What I do is write down the things the kids want to do up in a corner and once we figure where they can be placed on the calendar, I erase it from up there,” Johnson highlighted. The fifth rule is to have a “rotating schedule for activities.” The mom explained how the former is so much easier and more flexible. “Monday is movie day, Tuesday is library and water day, Wednesday is park day with friends. Thursdays, we do an art project or craft and Fridays, we hike together,” the mom shared. The sixth and last rule, the mom suggested having the practice of kids keeping a daily checklist. She suggested having 2 chores and a project they can work on every day.

“Why do we do it this way? Because it lessens the mental load on everyone,” the mom shared. Several parents approved of the plan and hopped on the 6 tips. @molcol8 wrote, “No tech the first week! I sort of accidentally did this and my kids don’t ask for it anymore! They found all these other things they enjoy doing. It has been great.” @gempietz added, “I think I am going to watch this every day until I figure every bit out!!”

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