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Mom can't contain excitement after hearing her daughter's song on the TV for the first time

The adorable video shows the mother getting emotional before the pair start singing the song together. 

Mom can't contain excitement after hearing her daughter's song on the TV for the first time
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/JonOfNoTrades

Mothers are the biggest cheerleaders for their children. They are present on all their important days, be it in school or for any other event. One such mother could not hold back her happiness when she saw her daughter's song being played on TV. In a video posted on Reddit by u/JonOfNoTrades, the song begins to play on a UK reality show Love Island. The mother seems emotional, jumping and then looking for the remote to increase the volume. The caption reads, "Now, you can see where I get my weird energy from." Then they start singing the song together. 

A Reddit user commented that the singer in the video is Lexie Caroll. The video has about 900 upvotes and is captioned, "A mother hearing her daughter's song on the TV for the first time." Many on Reddit loved the mother's reaction. u/StunningHamster3 commented, "Omg, I love seeing parents overjoyed when their children succeed. If you can't be happy when your kid accomplishes something and are indifferent, you're going to lose that child as soon as they can get away." u/BluAire wrote, "I really love the mom's vibe!! So heartwarming 💕❤️" u/phillyvanilly666 commented, "I was not expecting this to happen” while the cameras rolled right onto their faces. Still cute though."

Reddit and | u/JonOfNoTrades
Reddit and | u/JonOfNoTrades


In another story, thanks to her daughter's Tiktok video, the mother's taco shop went viral. She wrote in a Tiktok video, “It breaks my heart to see my mom watching the door every day, waiting for a customer to walk in.” She said that she wishes to “give her customers for Christmas.”  In the video, the mother Joy Milan can be seen sitting in an empty shop and looking at the door for customers to come in. The restaurant is called Taco-Bout-Joys and has a Tiktok account with the same name. The business is owned by Milan and her sister Kack Keomanivong. It is situated at Glenview in Illinois. The video was posted on the channel by Milan’s daughter Isabel. 

Reddit and | u/JonOfNoTrades
Reddit and | u/JonOfNoTrades


It struck a chord with many people on the platform. The video received about 38.9 million views and 68,700 comments. Many who lived in Illinois promised to visit the place. A user wrote, "I’m going to get dinner there tonight ❤️❤️❤️❤️- I live 3 minutes away." Another wrote, "I live in Illinois and this isn’t too far. I will definitely try your mom’s restaurant." Another user said, "Why did I just find out this was in Glenview!? Be there this weekend!!!!"



A day later, Isabel posted an update on her mother's business. The onscreen caption reads, "Haven’t had time to sit down and update, but let’s just say it was only my mom and me this morning and we ended with this crew.” In the video, the kitchen can be seen filled with about 9 people diligently working to get out the orders, there is also music playing in the background. It is written in the video, "We’re amazed by the support and we’re still taking it all in."



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