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Mom gets emotional after hearing her child laugh for the very first time: 'My wife lost it'

'Not sure what's sweeter: Baby's laughter or mama's emotional reaction.'

Mom gets emotional after hearing her child laugh for the very first time: 'My wife lost it'
Image Source: u/Happyman05/Reddit

The most beautiful moment for parents is seeing their child grow up and reach certain milestones. These can range from saying the first spoken word to graduating high school and parents find all of these events extremely emotional and important. Recently, a video showing a mother's reaction to hearing her child laugh for the first time has gone viral. The video taken by the child's father, Andrew Fischer, was posted on Twitter. The caption reads, "'My wife lost it when our baby laughed for the first time.' Not sure what's sweeter: Baby's laughter or mama's emotional reaction." The video has gained more than 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments on the social media platform. The video was initially posted on Reddit three years ago by u/Happyman05 and has almost 120,000 upvotes and thousands of comments

Twitter users had several heartwarming reactions to the video. One user wrote, "So beautiful! Laughter is medicine and your daughter's laugh is infectious- thank you for sharing! you have a beautiful family."



One even shared their own experience, "I remember my daughter laughing for the first time. Best sound in the world." Another said, "We had a similar situation. It happened at the perfect time... A moment where we needed our spirits lifted after a hard few days. It was almost like the first moment of empathy and our daughter knew we needed cheering up. Love her to bits, every day." 

A Reddit user shared, "Our infant turns five months today. About a month, month and a half ago my wife’s friend was playing with him on his play mat and tickling him. He started cracking up and he’s never done that before. My wife and I were stunned." They added, "Since then it became our life’s mission to make him laugh. We realized last week we can toss him and he loves it. I got a screaming laugh two days ago and it’s my favorite thing of all time."


Many people described a child's laugh as the best sound that exists and they aren't exaggerating at all. Several users on Reddit said that the video made their day with one writing, "okay okay that's beautiful go away and let me be grumpy again now." Another added, "It's awesome. Got a 7-month-old and love making her laugh every day. That first smile was great too but the first time she laughed at something I did was just one of the all-time best moments of my life."



A few people even started listing down traditions from their native cultures that revolve around the milestones of a newborn. A person commented, "In Navajo culture, whoever makes a baby laugh for the first time hosts a celebration. I love that!" Another added, "that's awesome. In Ojibwe culture, it's the house they take their first steps in. Toddlers do a lot of visiting." A third person chimed in and wrote, "That's cool! Not sure if it's an Irish thing or not, but around here whoever finds the baby's first tooth buys their first pair of shoes."

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