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Mom gets big love after rude encounter with stranger over her crying toddler leaves her in tears

Sherry, the mom, knew how to handle the situation and she knew that her kid would eventually get tired and stop throwing tantrums.

Mom gets big love after rude encounter with stranger over her crying toddler leaves her in tears
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @alongcamehollyy

It is not easy to be a mother. Sometimes, society is not as forgiving as it should be to parents who are struggling in public places. This was seen recently in a video uploaded by a mom on TikTok, where she discussed how she was blamed for her kid's tantrum at an eatery. The woman is Holly Sherry, who goes by @alongcamehollyy on TikTok. She is a mom to a two-year-old and a four months old. She was getting lunch for herself and her kids at a fast-food outlet when her toddler had a meltdown inside the restaurant. Some people were not kind to the mother and one woman even expressed her displeasure to the crying child. 

Image Source: TikTok | @alongcamehollyy
Image Source: TikTok | @alongcamehollyy


Sherry's rude encounter with the stranger brought her to tears and she made a video, in which she is seen crying about how she was made to feel about her parenting skills. She also discussed how her daughter was being stubborn and not listening to her and throwing many tantrums, such as “throwing herself and writhing around under the table.” Sherry is a former pediatric speech-language pathologist and she knew that toddlers behave in this way every now and then. She knew how to handle this situation and that her kid would eventually get tired and stop.

But one woman in the restaurant had a different opinion. She came up to Sherry and offered to help her. Meanwhile, another woman joined in and asked the mom if she needed any help with her toddler's behavior. Sherry refused and said, “She (the other woman) should have been like, ‘Okay. I understand.’ But instead, she says, ‘You sure you don't need help? She's been crying for quite some time now',” Sherry revealed.

Image Source: TikTok | @alongcamehollyy
Image Source: TikTok | @alongcamehollyy


The stranger's tone and behavior left Sherry in shock. “Like, you just don't say that to a mom that's struggling,” she said. “They're trying to make me feel bad for my daughter crying at Chick-fil-A, like, for fr**k's sake, we're not in a five-star restaurant, okay?” After her argument with the woman got over, a restaurant employee came to her and told Sherry that she was doing a great job as a mom. The mother to two praised the staff's behavior and said, "A perfect example to me of how you talk to someone struggling in a situation." 

Image Source: TikTok | @Sydney
Image Source: TikTok | @Sydney


People on TikTok came to the comments section to support Sherry and even showered the video with 34K likes. @Emilie wrote, "This breaks my heart for you. You don’t say that to a mom. Toddlers are gonna be toddlers and any mom should understand that." @AllisonKuch shared, "Not me crying because you’re crying... you’re doing SO good." @Bridget expressed, "That 1 lady was the only person not supportive. Don’t waste more energy on her. You are an amazing mom. I love watching you with your babies." @ToDonnell chimed in, "The fear of being judged for my baby crying in public makes me never go out with him and I know it shouldn’t be that way. Moms are superheroes."

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