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Mom furious about daughter's detention for burping learns there's more to the story

Her mom wondered why she would be punished over a 'silly thing.'

Mom furious about daughter's detention for burping learns there's more to the story
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

Discipline in school helps children learn right from wrong, but sometimes it can seem unfair. One mom, Charlotte1034, felt this way when her daughter received detention for burping. She shared her story on Mumsnet, writing, "Today my eldest daughter, year nine came home later from school than she usually would and when she got in I asked her why and she told me she had been at a 20-minute after-school detention for burping in PE while playing netball in the gym."

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kampus Production

"She was upset as she got sent out of the lesson and made to change back into her uniform for the rest of the lesson and copy from a textbook." She expressed that she was out of words and didn't know what to say to her daughter who had calmed down quite a lot after some time. "It sounds silly to me and ridiculous. Can a teacher do this?" Charlotte asked. The mom was quite confused after people pointed out that it could have been something more serious than just a burp.


ScarlettFreestone wrote, "I would want to hear the full story because you definitely don't have all the information here." tovelitime commented, "Did the loud burp follow 15 minutes of whispering to her friend, giggling and trying to make the person in front of her laugh? I suspect that there's more to this story than she has shared with you and that she had been a***ng about for most of the lesson and the teacher had had enough." This prompted the mom to talk to the teacher who shared the full story of what had actually happened.

In an update, the mom wrote: "She told me my daughter got frustrated with something that had happened in the game and had got into an argument with another girl when they were next to each other." About the burping, she explained, "Again my daughter obviously had to burp but instead of doing it nicely or away from another player she belched right in the girl's face." The teacher actually didn't see that happen but the other students brought the incident to her attention as she had heard the burp.


"My daughter then belched again anyway so her teacher went with the decision to send her out of the lesson. Then the head of the PE department gave her detention so I agree with their decision," the woman added. The woman's daughter and the other girl had gotten into frequent fights, according to the teacher, who advised the woman that her daughter needs to stop letting people wind her up. "She is good at sports and she (the teacher) has liked her since year seven. But says she reacts to things that are said to her and then ends up being the one punished," she revealed. "My daughter apologized to her teacher and the girl in question and to me and her dad so I hope it's a lesson learned," the woman concluded.

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