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Mom finds funny note from son's prank two years after he left for college: 'It made me smile'

He wrote the word 'butt' on 200 small pieces of paper and hid them around the house.

Mom finds funny note from son's prank two years after he left for college: 'It made me smile'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @kim_bak

Kids do the darndest things! For one mom from Seattle, her son's silly "butt" prank turned out to be quite endearing two years later. Kim Baker's 19-year-old son loves making his 15-year-old sister laugh and would often pull off silly pranks to do so. "My daughter has this huge belly laugh. She's serious most of the time, but if you get her laughing it's like a prize," Baker told TODAY. "I think one of my son's favorite things to do is make his sister laugh."

For his sister's 13th birthday, he decided to put in some extra effort and ended up writing the word "butt" on 200 small pieces of paper and hiding them around the house. "When she was little, my daughter loved to collect things—rock collections and button collections and those types of things," Baker shared. "I think he was hoping she would accumulate all these butts, and she did for a while! She had a little velvet bag and she'd put the butts in there for about a year before she gave up."



A year later, her son went off to college and that was the last they heard about the butts. Or so they thought. Two years after the original butt prank, Baker discovered something in the family's secondary remote control while changing the battery. Butt No. 115! "It made me laugh and smile," Baker said. "It was like this nice little wave from him. He's gone, but there are always those little reminders." As for her son's response, she said, "I think he was kind of hoping that we would have like a catalog of the butts that were still missing." Baker said, laughing, "A butt spreadsheet."


Baker even tweeted about the fun prank saying: 2 years ago: My son hid 200 butts around the house to entertain his sister. 1 year ago: He left for college. Today: Changed the remote control batteries and found another one. Sure enough, the tweet went viral. One person shared: I did something similar a few years ago where I hid pictures of MCU characters all over the house! Most of them were found and taken down within a week, but some live on. Another added: If someone done this to me I would end up keeping a spreadsheet to list which ones I had found and where. A third mentioned: When I left my last job, I stuck bee stickers all over the office. Rumor is they are still finding them.



"I love the ripple effect," Baker told the outlet. "Somebody said their kid was reading over his shoulder and he started writing out 200 butts. It's not a bad week when you've inspired this kind of silliness in people." What's her son's take on all this? Did he mind that the tale of the butts was being shared with so many people? Apparently, the jokester responded by saying, "As long as they know I think butts are hilarious." Taking the phrase "the butt of the joke" to a whole new level, indeed!


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