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Mom explains why dad doesn't sit with family on flight and gives a new perspective on parenting

Roberts makes a strong case for handling her kids in a plane while dad is in another seat, breaking the notion that parenting has to always be 50-50.

Mom explains why dad doesn't sit with family on flight and gives a new perspective on parenting
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @goodmorningamerica

Often, it is seen that fathers simply enjoy the picturesque moments while mothers have to deal with the cleaning, tantrums, feeding and more. Many advocate that parents should raise their children together if they have the luxury. A mom, Maria Roberts–who goes by @mariaroberts on Instagram–went viral on the internet after she posted a video of her sitting and managing her kids in an airplane while her husband was enjoying a completely different seat by himself. While the mom intended to share the feeling many moms have, people got the wrong impression that the dad was neglecting his responsibilities. In the video, the mom is seen having trouble managing her kids alone and getting out of her seat with her kids around.

Image Source: Instagram| @goodmorningamerica
Image Source: Instagram | @goodmorningamerica

On the other hand, the father was seen with headphones on and relaxed in a different seat. Roberts mentioned in her video that her husband does offer to sit with the kids and let the mom get some rest, but the kids refuse to sit with him. Her video did go viral but received quite a backlash due to the misunderstanding. Good Morning America interviewed Roberts and shared her statement with the many viewers who were upset. “What I was hoping to get from people was A, laugh or B, know that ‘I’m not the only one in this scenario,’” Roberts revealed. “I feel like this scenario on a plane is very relatable when you have two parents and two kids and there’s 4 people and 3 seats,” the mom said.

Image Source: Instagram| @goodmorningamerica
Image Source: Instagram | @goodmorningamerica

She also shared that the dynamic of how families of 4 sit in 3-seater airplanes is unique to each family. “I think for us, I can’t speak for other families, but we’re just trying to get from point A to point B as smoothly as possible,” she added. Roberts also mentioned that the goal when traveling with kids in the plane is to go and come as stress-free as possible. Reacting to the many comments and backlashes, the mom remarked, “In my family’s situations, both my kids prefer to sit with me and that’s just how we do it.” 

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She further pointed out that though the kids are right beside her, her husband takes the very next seat across the aisle so he can be together with his family and equally play his role as a parent. “He is the one that has booked our flights and the car. He does all of the managing from getting us to and through the airport. He does his role.”

Image Source: Instagram| @goodmorningamerica
Image Source: Instagram | @goodmorningamerica

The mom further highlighted that for parents, it all boils down to making things as easy as possible while traveling. “I don’t think every single task has to be split 50-50. You just kind of do what works for your family,” the mom concluded. There was quite a debate about the interview even after Roberts cleared the misunderstanding. Many parents believe that it is a habit not to be encouraged. @corrie.farrell said, “Flying these days is more stressful than ever, so parenting needs to be shared when flying.” @majbrittlarsen said, “Let the dad sit with the kids.”

However, other parents understood the perspective and agreed with sharing parenting roles based on quality over quantity. @realtorstephg said, “Sounds about right.” @lanochca_737 said, “Because a wife and mother cope better with their responsibilities.”

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