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Mom ends up inviting 500 people to daughter's birthday party after a hilarious mishap

She wanted to exclusively invite a few people to her daughter's birthday party, but due to confusion, she ended up inviting all her contacts.

Mom ends up inviting 500 people to daughter's birthday party after a hilarious mishap
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @twodashundkings

Organizing birthday parties is never an easy task. One of the most crucial aspects of the preparations is handling invitations. Every arrangement is made according to the number of people showing up to the party. This mom was in complete shock when she accidentally invited almost 500 people to her daughter’s birthday party. The invite to the event was exclusively meant for a small number of people and was hilariously passed on to every contact on her phone due to a mishap. Sharing a video explaining the hilarious atrocity, the mom said, “I just made an Evite for my daughter’s first birthday party and on the Evite, it says, ‘Import Contacts’ and I thought that it would let me select through.”

Image Source: TikTok|@twodashundkings
Image Source: TikTok | @twodashundkings

To the mom’s surprise, the option instantly made the invite go out of every contact on her phone. “It imported all 487 contacts in my phone and invited them to this birthday party,” the mom said, absolutely embarrassed and baffled. She mentioned that this meant that her boss, every coworker and “every person whose contact is stored” in her phone were all part of the event. To make things worse, Evite sent invitations based on how she saved contacts on her phone. “Imagine receiving an invitation… ‘Derek with an eye-roll emoji’ received an invitation, ‘Jess hit her car in the parking lot,’” the mom said, recalling the contacts in her phone. Unable to control her laughter and fear of what was to follow, the mom sarcastically remarked, “I have to quit or find a new identity. I don’t know.”

Image Source: TikTok|@twodashundkings
Image Source: TikTok|@twodashundkings


If you recevied an invitation, no you didnt. 🫣

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The mom shared a follow-up video, clarifying that it was not the application’s problem but rather an option she had fiddled with that caused the mishap. “I didn’t realize I was importing 487 contacts to the party. When it said guestlist-487, that’s when I realized something went wrong,” the mom explained. As a solution, the mom mentioned that she canceled the party on the app. “So people weren’t able to see the information on the Evite, but the invitation was still there like ‘Derek (eye roll), you’re invited to Ivy’s birthday party,’” she said. To the mom’s relief, people were “good sports” about the whole scenario and took the situation lightly.

Image Source: TikTok|@auraestheticsandink
Image Source: TikTok|@auraestheticsandink

“My boss and my ex just found it hilarious. Other people, like my coworkers, asked why they couldn’t access the Evite and I had to explain to them that it’s an exclusive event,” the mom shared. She further said that though the experience was stressful, the company did offer her a gift card to help with the party and as a subtle apology for the confusion. People undoubtedly had a good laugh with the mom relating to similar panicky situations. @itsbobbiesworldbabe remarked, “Having to tell people that they’re not invited is a horror in itself.” @hollycongrove hilariously wrote, “Not me heading to my contacts to change it to the correct names!” @okcailley added, “I am not joking. This made me go through my contact list and delete 300 contacts that I no longer speak to.”

Image Source: TikTok|@soccermom_4
Image Source: TikTok|@soccermom_4

@twodachshundkings Replying to @samantha i hope this clears things up 🫣 shoutout to @Evite ♬ original sound - Em, IV, Montie, & Ren


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