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Video of woman struggling to handle her kids highlights what it means to be a 'married single mom'

In a viral video, a mother can be seen falling to the ground while handling her children even as the kids' father walks past scrolling through his phone.

Video of woman struggling to handle her kids highlights what it means to be a 'married single mom'
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Photo by Greta Hoffman

Editor's note: This article was originally published on May 1, 2023. It has since been updated.

Being a single mom is not an easy task. It is an exhausting, draining and incredibly difficult job. Other than single moms who are divorced, widowed or experiencing motherhood alone, there are also some "married single moms." You’re a "married single mom" if every parenting task falls on you as if you were a single parent. This TikTok video is a staunch example of this. The clip has amassed over 33 million views and 24k comments and explains how difficult it is for mothers to take on all the responsibilities of parenting while the fathers watch from a distance.

In the small nine-second video recorded from what looks like the viewpoint of a doorbell camera or home security camera, a mom is seen unpacking a car and helping her kids out of the vehicle. She has a large bag on her shoulder as she holds her baby out of her car seat. When she backs into her unsupervised toddler by accident, all three family members can be seen tumbling to the ground and screaming a bit. Here, another family member enters – the dad. He had been watching idly while scrolling on his phone all the while. The mom is visibly worried as she ensures everyone is fine while constantly saying, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." 

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok

The dad also checks up on his wife and babies and he says, "She’s okay." The comments section had varied views from the TikTok users. The original context of the picture is not clear. It is not easy to see the two kids and the mom in a dangerous situation and equally exasperating to see the dad find some new undiscovered amount of inability to look out for his family. Many of the comments were sarcastic, pointing out the irresponsibility of the father. 

@me wrote, "I hope he realizes he is the problem." @Sara wrote, "Our marriage was perfect, I don't understand [why] she left me." @IztaofNeza said, "you're NeVeR iN tHe MoOd AnYmOrE," while @Userfriendly commented, "The divorce was so sudden." @DeeTee points out, "If [only] there was another adult involved in the clip who could have helped the mom out." "Single motherhood is rough, especially with 3 kids," quipped @user8623503223144. @Maria said, "She needs a new man." 

"And then he’ll be BLINDSIDED when one day she decides to leave him," observed @SteveStevenTheCat. Another user said, "How nice of that stranger to help console that single mother's child." @RoxyO wrote, "And that phone never left his hand. Also sir, why is she doing everything?" @Ky commented, "Wow, stay single and travel ladies," while @Rachelle said, "And this is one of the reasons I left and did it on my own. You are already doing it alone. Drop the adult child."

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