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Mom fiercely defends her daughter who is defiantly rebelling against the school dress code

'If seeing a girl's shoulders is too much for you as a grown man or a teenage boy or a seven-year-old, you make it the problem,' she says in a video.

Mom fiercely defends her daughter who is defiantly rebelling against the school dress code
Cover Image Source: TikTok/teachingadhdllamas

Social media users are praising a mom on TikTok for staunchly supporting her daughter in the teen's fight against her school's sexist dress code. Stasia L, who goes by @teachingadhdllamas on the video-sharing platform, went viral after she shared a series of videos explaining how her daughter fought against her school's dress code. It all began earlier this month when Stasia recounted how she received a phone call from her daughter's school administrator who claimed the teen told her teacher to "f**k off" after being reprimanded for her attire.


In the first video from the series—set to the tune of "Mama Said" by Lukas Graham—Stasia wrote: "Shoulders, midriffs and legs aren't the problem. Talk to the boys/men who claim it's distracting." Since being uploaded on June 1, the video captioned "F**k the dress codes" has been viewed nearly 120k times with many comments praising the mother-daughter duo's united stance on the matter. "Would have immediately requested her autograph, cuz that girl is going places," wrote one TikTok user while another commented: "Now this is the kind of daughter I'm trying to raise! Way to go."

Responding to a comment from a fellow teacher that reads: "I hate this too. I have extra shirts in case my students get dress coded. Sending them home is more of a disruption, Judy," Stasia shared a follow-up video talking about "shame shirts." She explained that she has consciously tried to correct herself in what she "says to girls and young women about their clothing because it's just not true." Stasia went on to point out that if male teachers are distracted by what a girl has worn to class, the problem is not with the student. "If seeing a girl's shoulders is too much for you as a grown man or a teenage boy or a seven-year-old, you make it the problem," she says in another video.

In another update, Stasia revealed that her daughter organized a protest among students, following the dress code incident, and that they planned to wear white tank tops with messages on them to school. She said her 19-year-old son helped his sister come up with the message on her top and that it reads: "Do my shoulders distract you because you're reading the front of my shirt?" In the video, Stasia added that she's sure she'll receive multiple calls from the school administration at her daughter's school with regards to the protest. "But they knew this was coming," she says. "My children have stood up against racist teachers. My children have stood up when other children were deadnamed by ignorant teachers. My daughter refused to take straight sex education as a non-straight student."

Stasia also revealed in another video that even though boys were also wearing crop tops at her daughter's school, none of them got sent home. On the other hand, her daughter was allegedly dress-coded within the first 10 minutes of arriving at school and was sent to the principal's office. According to Stasia, a boy followed the teen to the principal's office and asked why he wasn't being dress coded for wearing a crop top. They sent the boy back to class, where he kept cutting his shirt shorter until the administration had to dress code him.

Stasia shared that the school also gave extra large shirts to the girls wearing crop tops to remedy their dress code violations. However, the administrators then allegedly dress-coded the students again because the extra-large shirts covered their shorts. "I'm just watching from the sidelines proud as hell and waiting," the supportive mom says in the video. "She's got this."

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