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Mom comes up with a strict plan to discipline vegan daughter who was bullying others

When a teen girl suddenly decided to turn vegetarian, her mom was initially supportive until the teen started bullying her family members for their dietary choices.

Mom comes up with a strict plan to discipline vegan daughter who was bullying others
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Gustavo Fring; (R) Reddit | u/Big-Explanation3503

Teens often throw tantrums on the dinner table, refusing to eat certain items that are good for their bodies as they opt to eat whatever they like. u/Big-Explanation3503 shared a story on Reddit about her teenage girl who has decided to switch her dietary preferences and is now passing rude comments to her family members about what they eat. The teen seems determined to prove that her choice of becoming vegan all of a sudden is superior to everything else. 

Representational Image Source: Pexels | Vegan Liftz
Representational Image Source: Pexels | Vegan Liftz

The 45-year-old mom has been struggling to deal with her 12-year-old daughter who had turned vegan about 2 weeks before she shared the post on Reddit. Initially, she was supportive of her daughter's preferences but things got out of hand when the daughter started passing ugly remarks at her family members for eating meat. The teen girl even goes as far as to call her family members "accomplices in murder" for eating meat. 


"Her 7-year-old brother is getting sick of it and so am I. 3 days ago was my son's birthday and we decided to take him out to his favorite restaurant. This place had vegetarian options so I was not worried about my daughter being upset about that. I asked her if she wanted to go and she excitedly said yes. We got there and when the waiter took our order, my daughter decided she wanted a mushroom burger," the post read. "When I say mushroom burger, I mean a hamburger with sauteed mushrooms on top with melted cheese. It's definitely not a portobello patty," clarified the mom. 

Representational Image Source: Pexels | 
chicken mackay
Representational Image Source: Pexels | chicken mackay

The mom was taken aback and decided to have a serious chat with her daughter. "I said, 'Woah, I thought you wanted to go vegetarian?' She says 'I'm taking a break since it's a special occasion.'" Then, the mom asked the waiter to give them some moments to discuss the order and told her daughter: "Look here missy, you have been nothing but a jerk these last few days with your passive-aggressive comments since going vegan, vegetarian, whatever! You either commit to it now or you get nothing at all."

After that, the daughter put her head down and started crying the whole time they were at the restaurant. The dad thought that the mom was wrong for what she did and it apparently ruined a night of celebration. She further added that her daughter was also calling her son a loser for eating hotdogs with his friends. The mother asked her to apologize to her brother and continue with her so-called activism but without being a bully to others.

Image Source: Reddit | u/PM_ME_YOUR_FLAIR
Image Source: Reddit | u/PM_ME_YOUR_FLAIR

After multiple attempts to sort out things with her daughter failed and the woman found her daughter just eating junk food to avoid meat, she had to take certain measures as a parent. The mom made an appointment with the therapist, changed the WiFi password and grounded her daughter from certain things during summer. She shared the post with the Reddit community, asking for people's thoughts on this situation and wondered if she was actually wrong for doing what she did.

Image Source: Reddit | u/Music_withRocks_In
Image Source: Reddit | u/Music_withRocks_In

The comments section on this Reddit post was divided with their opinions. Some took the mom's side whereas others pointed out that her approach was not right. u/Master_Post4665 wrote: "Demanding an instant commitment is ridiculous. Even adults have to explore their options in various ways as they consider committing to a lifestyle change. She’s 12. Starving her to punish her for being rude isn’t productive, but it could lead to an eating disorder." u/SenioritaStuffnStuff added: "I don't think it was harsh and the mom needs to sit the daughter down and teach about activism that actually helps the whole world, not just helps the one person feel important." 

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