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Mom who took hairdressing classes can't hide her joy after successfully styling daughter's hair

The joy on the child's face when the lace is tied on her hair is beautiful. She starts laughing and clapping in that moment.

Mom who took hairdressing classes can't hide her joy after successfully styling daughter's hair
Cover Image Source: TikTok/ u/davidwallacecto

A mother-daughter relationship is more like a friendship, where they enjoy each other's company. And that is so apparent in this video posted on Reddit by u/davidwallacecto. A mother can be seen tying her daughter's hair using lace. As she stretches the lace from the back, the girl's hair gets tied into a pony. Once that happens, the girl starts laughing and clapping. Then she says, "Now the bow? Now the bow?" The mother takes the remaining lace and ties it like a bow on top of her hair. The child looks very cute in the new hairstyle. The mother says, "Oh my baby! Ye-ah-ah!"

Image Source: Reddit/ u/davidwallacecto
Image Source: Reddit/ u/davidwallacecto


"Mom took hairdressing class to style daughter's hair," captions the video. It has garnered over 91k upvotes on Reddit. People loved the mother-daughter moment. "Love the enthusiasm and excitement for both Mother and Child. Beautiful moment thank you for sharing!" commented u/Level_Ad567. "It can be very difficult to properly care for and style ethnic hair even among people of color because of the array of hair textures that can exist even within the same families. This is a great mom for making an effort to learn how to address the unique needs of her child," wrote u/fridaychild3.

"As the daughter of a mom who went through the same thing with me, this made me shed a little happy tear. They try so hard!" u/curlyfryheadass pointed out. "My best friend and his wife (whom I consider a best friend) are adoptive parents of two 3 African American sisters and a brother. They took extensive training on treating textured hair, and they did everything they could to bridge cultures and general grooming practices," shared u/pizzatoppedpineapple. "Oh, that smile is contagious! What a cute video! Thanks, op!," commented u/analgesic1986.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/davidwallacecto
Image Source: Reddit/ u/davidwallacecto


Talking about mother-daughter, a mom met her daughter 29 years after she placed her for adoption, and they had the best reaction. The video was filmed in 2018 but recently posted on TikTok, according to GoodMorningAmerica

In the TikTok video, the mother, who is not named, can be seen walking to the door to meet her daughter Jamee and hugging her. Both can be seen in tears. Allie Seabock posted the video, she is one of four children the mother had after putting her first daughter up for adoption. The video was captioned, "It was the hardest decision she ever made.. she said not a day went by where she didn't think about her." It has more than 18.3 million views.

Image Source: TikTok/ @allieseabock
Image Source: TikTok/@allieseabock


Seabock's mom said that she was 19 when she became pregnant and that only her parents and two siblings knew about the pregnancy, she shared on TikTok. She added that she moved away to give birth to the child and then came home and went on with her life, never talking about the child she put up for adoption. However, she shared that she always worried about that child and hoped she would meet her one day. "Did I have guilt? No. Did I worry? Daily," she said. "I was worried about if she was happy if she knew that she was loved, but I didn't feel guilty because I knew that she would have a better life than I could give her as a teenage, single mom."

Image Source: Reddit/u/Level_Ad567
Image Source: Reddit/u/Level_Ad567

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