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Mom breaks down in happy tears as she is surprised by son who she hadn't seen in 2 years

He appeared before her while the family was playing magic tricks and his mother broke down into tears.

Mom breaks down in happy tears as she is surprised by son who she hadn't seen in 2 years
Image Source: Reddit/u/Halceon441

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 2, 2022. It has since been updated.

Parents raise their children and ask for nothing in return. They feed us, provide us with the happiest of memories and ultimately encourage us to live our lives even if it means away from them. Several commitments might hinder us from seeing our parents for an extended period of time. This mother did not see her son for two years until he ultimately decided to surprise her. Her reunion with her child after such a long time can move you to tears.

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


The emotional video was posted on Reddit by u/Halceon441 with the caption, "Mom gets surprised by her son after 2 years of not seeing him." The video follows a family sitting in their living room and just trying to play a magic trick for each other. They hold a sheet over themselves and try to run off as fast as they can to create the illusion of disappearance. As another member of their family walks up to attempt this magic trick, the mother had no idea what is in store for her. 

However, when the sheet falls down this time she is shocked to see her son and his family behind it. She immediately bursts into tears upon seeing her son and her grandchildren. The son approaches her and pulls her into a long hug. Reddit users were absolutely moved by this video with one commenting, "I wonder why our hearts beat so fully for sweet emotions like this! Don’t we all humans have that warm humanity in common irrespective of age, gender and other factors? The power of human connection!"

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


Several others pointed out that as the woman has a shaved head and looks weaker, she might be battling cancer. Having her son beside her at this point must have given her all the strength to tackle this illness. A user commented, "My mom was also cancer. She was bold and exhausted like this. She is now alright! Stay strong, cancer is curable." Some questioned that if it is normal to not see your family for years, and others answered that due to COVID-19 restrictions, families were torn apart and children could not come home to their parents. This heartwarming video surely heals those wounds that several of us endured during the pandemic while being socially distanced from our loved ones. 

Another heartwarming video of a son surprising his mother after not seeing him for the longest time had gained the attention of people on social media. Ethan Houston had been stationed in Germany for two years and hadn't visited his mother. In the video, Ethan Houston can be seen waiting behind an aisle while his mother shops at a grocery store. He is seen clutching a flower bouquet for his mother. She lets out a passionate cry of excitement as he steps out to surprise his mother. She is taken aback to see her son standing before her. 

She gets down on her knees and hugs him around the midsection. He assists her in getting up before they hug. Onlookers can be heard witnessing the moment and applauding at this beautiful reunion.

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