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Mom argues about the 'Beauty and the Beast' movie with daughter and it is a laugh riot

Both mom and daughter put forth valid perspectives about the movie and the internet is divided between the two sides.

Mom argues about the 'Beauty and the Beast' movie with daughter and it is a laugh riot
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @otakoyakisoba

Winning an argument with your mom might be one of the most challenging things. Sometimes, it might be something serious, but in other instances, it can be truly funny. Similarly, a mom and daughter's argument about the movie "Beauty and the Beast" is a laugh riot. Both mom and daughter present different perspectives and neither are ready to back down. Oliver–who goes by @otakoyakisoba on TikTok–posted the hilarious interaction between her sister and mother. The video received about 1.6 million views and nearly 107k likes.

Image Source: TikTok | @otakoyakisoba
Image Source: TikTok | @otakoyakisoba

"It's who you are inside," the daughter, Apple, told her mom, explaining the meaning behind the movie. "That's what matters, Ma. It's not about outside appearance!" The woman continued to explain to her mom with elaborate hand gestures. "It's still a dog eedjiot (idiot)!" The mom responded sassily as she mixed food. "It's a dog," she emphasized. "It's a metaphor," the daughter expressed, looking incredulous. She explained that the beast was a metaphor used to portray society's beauty standards and how people were more than that.

Image Source: TikTok | @otakoyakisoba
Image Source: TikTok | @otakoyakisoba

However, the mom refused to buy whatever the daughter was saying. "What four are you saying?" she cut in. She hilariously narrated how she saw a dog at a park last week. "I'll bring the dog home. You get married to the dog," the mom suggested. Apple was quite surprised at her mom's remark and exclaimed, "Why would you even say that?" She continued to convince her mom that the beast was a metaphor. "That's what you're saying, regardless of the appearance!" Mama Lulu said, defending her argument. "Then get married to the dog," she concluded. Apple just turned her face in defeat and gave up. "Are you team Apple or Mama Lulu?" the caption read. "Ursula and Maui arguing." the creator added. For context, Ursula and Maui are characters from another Disney Movie, "Moana." People took to the comments to say whose side they were on. 

Image Source: TikTok | @
Image Source: TikTok | @tifferssaidwhat
Image Source: TikTok | @dannyannvelascobayhonan
Image Source: TikTok | @dannyannvelascobayhonan

@mactashh wrote, "Apple, don't argue with Mama Lulu. She always wins every argument even when she's wrong." @ylg916 commented, "I'm always Team Apple. That poor woman has been through too many things." @tigerliligala28 remarked, "I only discovered this account yesterday, but if Mama Lulu says the sky is green - the sky is green." While @arceo_royalty brought an interesting take to the argument, "If that dog is a prince, has a huge castle and gifts me a massive library, just maybe." @ro_mb shared, "Love Mama Lulu, but Apple is the star of the show. Sorry. We need her more!" Looks like the audience is evenly divided between the two teams.


Are you Team Apple ❤️ or Mama LuLu 🐶?

♬ original sound - otakoyakisoba


In another similar story, a mom and daughter's dreams came true when Jodi Benson, the woman who gave voice to Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" wanted to click a picture with them. As per the TikTok video, the mom and daughter are huge fans of the movie and were attending the movie's premiere and each of them was dressed as the Disney princess. The daughter was also carrying a "Little Mermaid" doll. The mom, Jayla, had been a big fan of "Little Mermaid" since she was a little girl. Hence, she was very grateful that she got to live this moment with her daughter, Nyla. They attended the "blue carpet" event and were super stoked about it. The mom even helped her daughter brush her doll's hair, making the moment extra special.

@jaylabrenae5 While Ariel's legs were made for dancing, ours are made to walk the blue carpet thanks to @liquidiv! What an unforgettable experience to see Disney's #TheLittleMermaid ♬ original sound - Jayla Henry | Influencer


  You can follow Oliver (@otakoyakisoba) on TikTok for more funny videos.

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