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Mom announces her own death and makes touching final gesture to help strangers in heartbreaking post

Casey McIntyre was always a giver and she remained one till she passed away from stage four ovarian cancer.

Mom announces her own death and makes touching final gesture to help strangers in heartbreaking post
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@caseyrmcintyre

Death need not be the end. This is especially the case for a deceased person's loved ones who mourn their loss but will hold them very close to their hearts. But sometimes, certain people can make a lasting impact long after they pass. This seemed to be the case for Casey McIntyre, a 38-year-old who passed away earlier this week from stage four ovarian cancer. The woman wanted to provide closure to all her loved ones and wrote up a post to be put on Twitter and Instagram.


She begins the post by acknowledging how her passing was sad and how it happened. The post then reads, "I loved each and every one of you with my whole heart and I promise you, I knew how deeply I was loved." The woman expressed gratefulness for the final five months of her life, which she got to spend with friends and family in Virginia, Rhode Island, and New York. The post then mentions how she wanted to celebrate her life by paying off people's medical debt. We also get to see photos from key moments in her life.


The post states, "I am so lucky to have access to the best medical care at @MSKCancerCenter and am keenly aware that so many in our country don't have access to good care." Individuals can make contributions through a link on the post to donate to the fund. The fund has now reached a staggering amount of $73,146.80 with the goal of securing $100,000. The post also contains an edit made by her husband.


He mentions how McIntyre had more to write about but could not because of her condition. He writes, "I imagine it would've included our daughter Grace, whales, ice cream, her beloved friends, being at the beach, her niece and nephews she incorrigibly doted on, reading ten books on a weeklong vacation, her beloved parents and sister and their amazing extended family, swimming, a perfect roast beef sandwich, and me, her sweet, sweet honey."


It also mentions how there would be a memorial service and "debt jubilee" that would take place in her honor on the 2nd of December. "We will celebrate her life by anonymously purchasing medical debt and then anonymously forgiving it, hopefully with a bonfire if they will let us," it said. The woman's words and her grand gesture brought in a lot of comments on the social media site from friends and family. @jklonsky said, "Casey. You recommended my favorite shows, blazers, and shoes. You reminded me it's okay to look for the good stuff first. I miss you."


@bhartzspeech shared, "Casey was always the woman I wanted to be in publishing. Bright, tough, smart, and confident. It was never about the way she looked (which was always fantastic, btw) but the way she lit up whatever space she was in. I'm heartbroken and angry. I also feel so lucky to have known her." @kdotrenae said, "Andrew and family, I am utterly devastated to read this. Thank you for sharing Casey with us and her parting note. Sending each of you so much love and light."

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