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Mom accidentally traumatizes kids by inviting 'Mrs. Bigfoot' to 6-year-old's birthday party

They eventually cozied up to Mrs. Bigfoot, aka Cinnamon, and ended up having a lot of fun with their furry party guest.

Mom accidentally traumatizes kids by inviting 'Mrs. Bigfoot' to 6-year-old's birthday party
Cover Image Source: TikTok/designersbrew

An Oklahoma mom accidentally turned a 6-year-old's birthday party into a screaming fest by inviting "Mrs. Bigfoot" to drop by. Speaking to 2 News Oklahoma, Brett McPherson—one half of the duo behind the Designer's Brew interior design studio—revealed that she usually goes all-out for birthday parties with a fancy birthday cake. However, things did not go according to plan this year for their daughter Blaynee Mae's 6th birthday, so Brett and her husband had to improvise at the last minute. Since they were in Broken Bow in far southeastern Oklahoma for a week away from home in Oklahoma City, the couple decided to do something that would celebrate the local tall tales and reported sightings of Bigfoot.

Image Source: TikTok/designersbrew


Even though their intentions were good and the parents thought the kids would love a visit from Bigfoot, the children weren't too happy to see "Mrs. Bigfoot," also known as Cinnamon, peeking through the windows with balloons. The young ones scattered like peas while screaming their lungs out when Cinnamon, dressed in a blue tutu and a matching bow, made her grand appearance. "We just thought, I mean she came with balloons and a bow and a tutu, so I thought 'oh this will be cute and fun,'" McPherson said. "Well, my kids did not have that reaction."

Image Source: TikTok/designersbrew


"They hit the ground like a tornado was coming. It was like they were on fire or something. We just never expected that kind of reaction," she told News on 6. Thankfully, the tears and horror soon ebbed off. Once the parents let Mrs. Bigfoot inside and gave her a hug, the kids warmed up to her really quickly. They cozied up to Cinnamon after the initial tantrum and reportedly ended up having a lot of fun with their furry party guest.

Image Source: TikTok/designersbrew


"I like your toes," the birthday girl, Blaynee Mae, is said to have told Cinnamon. "You do?" Cinnamon responded. "I need to paint them blue, don't I?" McPherson revealed that she hired Cinnamon through a company in Broken Bow called Bigfoot She-nanigans, which delivers "Bigfoot, Balloons, S’mores Baskets, Movie Night Baskets, and several other fun options." She added that before Cinnamon's visit, they spent several days prepping the kids for the grand event by "spotting" Bigfoot in the woods near their cabin and even left food outside for Bigfoot, like with Santa.

Image Source: TikTok/designersbrew


"She was so sweet, though. They all ended up hugging her and taking fun pictures with her, really fun, cute pictures at the end," said McPherson. Urging others in the area to hire sweet Cinnamon for their special events, she added: "I would just recommend it for a good time because obviously by the video my kids thought so too. But they don't want her to come back though."

Image Source: TikTok/designersbrew
Image Source: TikTok/designersbrew


Meanwhile, on social media, several people admitted that although the incident is likely to have traumatized the kids, they couldn't stop themselves from laughing. "Omg I'm terrible for laughing at this but glad it worked out in the end," commented Instagram user theculleyexperience. "This is the greatest thing I’ve seen- I can’t stop laughing," chimed in kristiivey1. "Love this so much!! Makes me laugh every time! I just want to know how you top this one? Please plan something!!! I will be waiting," wrote tinasoup3. "I am freaking dying!!!!!!! This is the funniest thing I’ve ever watched," commented blueyed_boymomma.


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