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Mom accidentally lists baby for sale in hilarious post: Need it ‘gone today’

Lucy Battle was flooded with funny messages on Facebook, with some even asking if they could exchange kids.

Mom accidentally lists baby for sale in hilarious post: Need it ‘gone today’
Image source: Facebook/lucy.tollemache

Editor's note: This article was originally published on December 3, 2021. It has since been updated.

Lucy Battle, Mom to a seven-month-old, hilariously listed her son for sale at a price of $1.33 on Facebook by accident. Battle was going about her day and wanted to get rid of her sofa. She took a couple of pictures of the sofa in its present condition and posted them on a local Facebook group and wrote, "Need gone today." What she didn't realize at the time was that she had also accidentally posted an image of her baby along with a few others of her sofa. It didn't help that it was the first picture on the post and the caption didn't help either, reading: 'Need gone today,' reported Leeds Live.


Members of the local group knew it wasn't intentional and was amused by the post and started making jokes on the post, and a few sent her hilarious texts as well. Battle was shocked by the notifications on her phone and only when she looked into it did she realize her mistake. She couldn't help but laugh at the mixup. "I just somehow managed to upload the wrong photo when I was choosing them from my camera roll and unfortunately it was of Oscar! I realized when everyone started commenting and messaging me and then I couldn’t delete it either," she said.  



One parent offered a barter to Battle, writing, "Can I swap for a teenager?" while another asked, "How is he at washing up?" Another user joked: "What's he like with other babies?" Many of them commented that the post had made their day. "This is hilarious but [if] you change your mind I'll have him lol," wrote a friend. Another commented, "We have a spare room if he's still available." 

The attention of the post actually helped accomplish the intended purpose as well. She had to dig through all the jokes to find a buyer interested in the sofa. "One of the messages was someone actually enquiring about the sofa! But most of them were people making jokes about me giving away my son," she said. Battle tipped her hat to the group and clarified that she wasn't selling her baby. "Thanks all for being nice though and understanding this was a genuine mistake. I don’t want to give away my child," she wrote. Battle, who hails from Burnley, United Kingdom was even more amused when she realized she had made it to the local news. "haha hahha haha wow I’m so embarrassed," she wrote on Facebook.

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