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Dad's special message to men about motherhood is making exhausted moms feel seen and appreciated

A father is sending out a public service announcement for fellow dads who need to take up equal responsibilities for kids and households like their wives.

Dad's special message to men about motherhood is making exhausted moms feel seen and appreciated
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @honest_fatherhood

Mothers are always the ones carrying the majority of the mental load of running the household, managing the kids and a career compared to the fathers. But there are some fathers in modern days who are speaking up on behalf of the exhausted mothers. One of those fathers is Daniel Grose (@honest_fatherhood on Instagram), who has four sons. He often creates videos on marriage and fatherhood and in one of his videos, which has gained a lot of attention from the Instagram audience, he gave a PSA to people and titled it: "A word to fathers about motherhood that I wish someone had told me a long ago."


"If you’re a man and you’ve been married for any period with kids, you probably know that your wife is more in tune with their needs and that affects her more strongly than it does you,” Grose speaks to the camera while while holding his young son in his arm. “Women just operate on this frequency that men don’t have but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a strength that they have that we don’t.” He continues that all these moms are trying to "juggle and do their best they can while trying to fulfill their own needs as well."

Image Source: Instagram | @honest_fatherhood
Image Source: Instagram | @honest_fatherhood

“So, sometimes she can’t have her thoughts—her only thoughts are meeting the needs of everybody else. And when I don’t step in and give her space and guard her personhood and guard her heart, it allows for things like bitterness and loneliness to come in. Even feelings of resenting motherhood, which makes her feel guilty because she loves me and she loves the kids," he adds. "It is my job when I see my wife getting overwhelmed to man up, step in, and give her a break and really I need to be doing it all along so that she never gets to that point."

"I didn’t know that coming into marriage. I have learned it hard over the years," Grose concluded. Grose captioned the video with a bit of info about a book he has written on this topic. "The purpose of the book is to help couples talk about this stuff, the exhaustion and overwhelm of motherhood, the weight of fatherhood. To help spouses see each other and relate without getting defensive and starting a fight. It can be hard to hear it from a spouse. This book is a good launching place for honest and hard conversations," the caption read. 

Image Source: Instagram | @honest_fatherhood
Image Source: Instagram |@honest_fatherhood

His video got some mixed reactions from the audience but most of them were in his favor. @stop.the.fighting.wife wrote: "This is such wisdom!! Being a wife, I gotta say that this advice to men can ONLY come from other godly men! When we women say these things it can come off as complaining." @tuckabeee chimed in: "They are your kids too, your home, your responsibilities. You ‘giving her a break’ seems to suggest you think those jobs are all hers. You’re sweet, keep going, you’re almost there." @ingridlwilliams commented: "You've got a lot of criticism on here but some of us understood. Ignore those who want to be critical for the sake of being critical. It was heartening to hear these words from a man, a husband, a father. Many blessings to you!"

@ronnafaith_lifecoach added: "I appreciate you sharing this! I wish more men were attuned to their wives' needs, anxiety, feelings, etc… this is why there is so much DV and divorce because the women get worn out by being 'sensitive to everyone’s needs but their own'."



You can follow Daniel (@honest_fatherhood) on Instagram for more content on marriage and fatherhood. 

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