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Minneapolis just banned LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, protecting children from abuse

The city joins 61 other regions to have done the same. Minneapolis Council Members hope the ban will persuade the state of Minnesota to follow suit.

Minneapolis just banned LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, protecting children from abuse

In a monumental move, the city of Minneapolis passed a ban that now outlaws conversion therapy for minors in the LGBTQ+ community. This city-wide ban is expected to protect many young children from abuse, trauma, and negative experiences that could prove detrimental throughout their adult lives. Several states have already banned the practice. While Minnesota, the state Minneapolis is located in, is yet to ban the unscientific practice, perhaps Minneapolis' decision will persuade the state to move forward as well. The ban was passed on Friday by the Minneapolis City Council, CBS News reports.


Local Minneapolis Council officials announced their intentions to do away with the archaic form of therapy for minors earlier this year in October. Ever since then, they have been working on an ordinance to ban the practice. Because there is no recent reliable evidence to prove that conversion therapy is neither effective nor efficacious, governments across the country have been spurred to criminalize the practice. The practice has also been deemed potentially harmful on mental, emotional, physical, and psychological levels.


The ordinance was authored by Minneapolis Council Members Phillipe Cunningham and Andrea Jenkins, who were motivated by the state government's inability to pass similar state-wide legislation. While the ordinance was being debated, there was quite the push back from religious freedom groups. Nonetheless, moving testimonies from child survivors were also presented. Thankfully, the latter were able to persuade lawmakers to make the right choice for the protection of LGBTQ+ children across Minneapolis. 


At the council meeting held on Friday last week, Council Member Jenkins stated that she hoped the ordinance would set a precedent for the rest of the state as well as other cities across America. She said, "It has really been a heartwarming community effort to protect our most vulnerable residents in the city of Minneapolis." Council Member Cunningham, similarly praising the ordinance, added, "Today, Minneapolis has officially taken on the moral responsibility of protecting our children and young people from the abuse of conversion ‘therapy.'"


Conversion therapy has been labeled "dangerous" by both the Human Rights Campaign and The Trevor Project. The practice has been discredited mainly because the very idea that someone's gender identity or sexuality can be changed through pseudoscientific means - let alone changed at all - is rooted in homophobia. Instead of trying to "convert" your children into heterosexuality, which can cause permanent psychological harm, it is best to learn how to support your child and provide them with the resources they need when they trust you enough to come out to you.

If you need help with any LGBTQ+ issues, you can contact The Trevor Project through their 24/7 hotline at 1-866-488-7386.


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