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Meet Bayley, a mini sheepadoodle who looks just like Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy

A Mini Sheepadoodle named Bayley has a white face and muzzle, a black nose, and black ears that make him look like a copy of Snoopy, the iconic dog from 'Peanuts.'

Meet Bayley, a mini sheepadoodle who looks just like Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy
Cover Image Source: (R) Instagram / bayley.sheepadoodle | (L) Network: Peanuts Worldwide

If you grew up watching the animated show "Peanuts," then you will love this dog. An adorable Mini Sheepadoodle named Bayley has a white face and muzzle, a black nose, and black ears that make her look like a carbon copy of Snoopy, the iconic dog from "Peanuts." According to CNN, her Instagram account will be two years old next month. It has the cutest photogenic pictures of Bayley, who calmly strikes a pose throughout the pet-centric social media handle. Snoopy, a creation of cartoonist Charles Schulz who debuted in 1950, is one of the most famous illustrated dogs, who has also been featured in "Peanuts" and other TV specials.



Bayley stole the hearts of pet lovers across social media after the Doodle Dogs Club Instagram account introduced her to its 244K followers. "Meet @Bayley.Sheepadoodle, the spitting image of Snoopy! With those big ears and that button nose, Bayley is the perfect real-life version of our favorite cartoon dog," read a post. In the event of National Pet Day on April 11, Bayley's owner posted yet another sweet snippet of the gorgeous fluff, along with the caption, "Mom says I am the cutest pet she has ever seen, but to be fair, I am her first and the only furbaby." In the cartoon show, Snoopy is known to be a beagle, while Bayley is a cross between an Old English Sheepdog with a Miniature Poodle. 



As reported by PEOPLE, a Mini Sheepadoodle is the result of crossing an old English sheepdog with a Miniature Poodle, and both breeds are known for being friendly and playful. The miniature variety typically grows about 18 inches tall and weighs up to 40 pounds. Snoopy, a relatively smaller beagle in stature, can grow to 13-15 inches tall. His official Peanuts profile page describes Snoopy as "a book lover and a book writer. He is a collector of fine art and a root beer connoisseur. Plus, his unstoppable imagination helps keep his life anything but ordinary. As the Flying Ace, he heroically battles the Red Baron. Joe Cool is the big dog on campus. But no imaginary adventure matches a nap on his doghouse—and waking up to a well-deserved supper made especially for him by that Round-Headed Kid."







Though there are some dissimilarities between the two pooches, social media users can't help but gush over how cute Bayley is. Moreover, when she is not melting hearts online, or entertaining her fans, she loves sipping on a “puppaccino” and "Pupcake" (a small cup filled with whipped cream made especially for dogs) from Starbucks. A recent photo of Snoopy looking straight at the camera has people obsessing over how similar she looks to the iconic TV dog.

"Snoopy but the live-action version," commented @singletonnewman. "I know he's not a beagle but I immediately thought of Snoopy," said @sharonlscott23. "What a mistake his name is not Snoopy!!" exclaimed @danisoaresc. "Ya did great! You are viral dude! Way to tell the world the secret about us cuties, now we can take over the world!! Our plan is working perfectly!!" said @millieinbeverlyhills, a fellow Sheepadoodle. 





Snoopy is also showing up elsewhere in the news as a t-shirt and is gaining in popularity as part of a nationwide American Red Cross-led effort to drive up blood donations. Darren Irby, the executive director of national brand partnerships at the Red Cross, told NBC that it has been fascinating to see this collaboration gain popularity. “It’s been great to see so many young folks so fired up by this particular partnership and realizing that maybe their fear of needles or other concerns aren’t as bad as what they thought they might be,” he said.

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