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Mind-blowing footage shows surgeon using Apple Vision Pro to assist with shoulder surgery

This doctor from Brazil used Apple Vision Pro to make surgery more efficient and error-free and it has taken the internet by storm.

Mind-blowing footage shows surgeon using Apple Vision Pro to assist with shoulder surgery
Cover Image Source: YouTube | ombroecotovelo

In a world rich with technological advances, from virtual realities to augmented realities, significant strides have been made, particularly in the medical field. A Brazilian surgeon stunned medical professionals by using the latest Apple Vision Pro to perform shoulder surgery. Apple Vision Pro is a 3D camera that allows you to capture spatial photos and videos, where you can also project these visuals that help you transport to that time and place, as per Apple's official website. Though the device is mainly used for entertainment, leisure and organizing lists and tasks in real-time, Dr. Bruno B. Gobbato has taken its use a step further, per My Modern Met.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Shvets A
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Shvets A

Using the device's camera, the doctor could perform the surgery via a small incision, reducing the need for a larger, more invasive cut. The doctor also shared his experience performing the surgery using the device through his YouTube channel. An orthopedist and traumatologist, he specializes in shoulder and elbow surgery and carried out the procedure to fix an injured tendon using arthroscopy and the Apple device. The arthroscopy method involves inserting a camera to see images instead of making a long cut. The doctor replaced the camera with his Vision Pro, which allowed him to get 3D pictures of the shoulder and open its 3D structure within his vision and the patient reports on his Notes app.

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Recorded from the surgeon's point of view, the video details the surgical process and demonstrates the feasibility of this innovative method to a global audience, according to UNILAD. The best part about the device is that it can be controlled with hand gestures and eye movements, making the surgeon's job easier. The video also shows how seamless the procedure of using Vision Pro for medical purposes can be. Despite its success, the procedure faced challenges, notably the camera's performance under the surgery room's low ambient lighting. Low lighting increases the chances of collisions through the device. The company also advises against using the device with sharp objects. However, the doctor believes that the device can be of significant assistance when performing surgeries.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Eugene Capon
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Eugene Capon

The doctor's recording of the entire procedure can also become a reference point for him and other medical professionals in the future. The video might seem revolutionary, but it is not the first time doctors have used the Apple Vision Pro to assist them in surgery, per the Daily Mail. A team of doctors in Cromwell Hospital, London, had used the device to repair a patient's spine. In this surgery, the head scrub nurse wore the device to access information and to keep track of the procedure that was taking place. It also helped them select the right tools at each point.

Suvi Veho, the lead scrub nurse, expressed that it reduces human error and increases confidence in surgery in an interview with the outlet. The NHS also plans on investing in AI technology to reduce inefficiency and human errors in surgery. One can also see from the video that the technology significantly reduces the chances of missteps in any procedure. However, only time will tell how much technology can change such procedures.

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