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Mom's epic review on $68 'hospital gown dress' prompts hilarious reactions: 'At least it has a pocket'

The hospital gown, possibly designed for patients who wanted to look fashionable at the hospital, sent the internet into a tizzy.

Mom's epic review on $68 'hospital gown dress' prompts hilarious reactions: 'At least it has a pocket'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @nicolestorydent

Every brand is known for its outstanding selling feature, which makes them unique in the market. Similarly, LOFT is known for selling trendy, minimalistic clothes to flatter modern women. But nobody expected the brand to sell hospital gowns. Perhaps the only best thing about them is they are not as bland and people don't need to tie them at the back. Sadly, the success of the hospital gowns was short-lived, as they disappeared as soon as the line was launched in online stores. But a hawk-eyed millennial mom and influencer noticed and purchased it before it was removed from the site. Nicole—who goes by @nicolestorydent on Instagram—shared her utterly hilarious review on the not-so-usual gown. 

Image Source: Instagram | @nicolestorydent
Image Source: Instagram | @nicolestorydent

"I thought, 'Maybe it looks better in person because why would a store sell a hospital gown for $68?'" she said in her video, referring to the dress. Then she actually put on the hospital gown she purchased to show the viewers what it looked like. "It's giving Baylor, Scott, and White third floor just around the elevator. I can't eat or drink after midnight. Can I get more ice chips?" Nicole joked. "And if you're thinking it just needs to be styled, I think you're right."

Next, she showed up with a giant hospital sippy cup and put on a pair of fuzzy striped socks to compliment her designer hospital gown. "If I were to see somebody out and about wearing this, I'm not gonna lie — I would probably Google my city's non-emergency line to see if a patient is missing," she added. "Millennials, we were convinced by fashion magazines that we would have a very large need to go straight from work to the club. Is this new generation being told they need to go from labor and delivery to the club? From popping out babies to popping bottles?"

Image Source: Instagram | @nicolestorydent
Image Source: Instagram | @nicolestorydent

The caption alongside Nicole's post was sarcastic. "Considering how much my actual hospital gowns cost me, $68 is a steal for this dress. But seriously, Ann Taylor LOFT designers, blink twice if you're okay. Funny enough, in the week it took to order, receive and try on this dress, the listing has been removed. They either realized their poor judgment or a hospital bought all the inventory." The screenshot she saved from LOFT's website had floral and minimalistic patterns on the hospital gowns. Sadly, it looked nothing less than an ill-fitted maternity dress. Just like her commentary on the LOFT dress, the comment section of her video looked equally funny.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio commented, "You really spent $68 on a hideous dress to make a video? Influencer pay must be really good these days." @katie.d.0424 remarked, "But wait, I have the matching nurse dress. I bought a dress from LOFT a few years ago and soon realized it looked like a 1930s nurse dress. Maybe LOFT designers have a weird fetish?"

Image Source: Instagram |
Image Source: Instagram | @resah424
Image Source: Instagram |
Image Source: Instagram | @legsmetcaff

@senorton07 recalled, "I'm not even kidding. I did see a person walking around my city last month wearing something very similar and called the non-emergency number. However, that person was a dude with a Captain America jacket and shield worn over the gown. So, a bit more cause for concern."

Nicole also shared part 2 of the review and it is equally hilarious. In it, she revealed she got a gift card from LOFT after they came across her first clip. She humorously pointed out that given the expensive healthcare system in the U.S., wearing the hospital gown dress is "kind of a flex."

You can follow Nicole (@nicolestorydent) on Instagram for more funny content.

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