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Millennial mom has hilarious reaction to finding early 2000s fashion making a return at a Target store

Butterfly clips, skinny jeans, sequins and whatnot. Looks like Target is clearing its old warehouse by bringing back Y2K fashion.

Millennial mom has hilarious reaction to finding early 2000s fashion making a return at a Target store
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @nicolestorydent

Fashion trends keep switching with each passing decade. There was a time when everyone used to obsess over bell-bottom jeans or spandex and now clothing companies are making spray-on dresses. But the millennials know the true horror of following colorful fashion trends in the early 2000s where they used to match colors and designs with everything they wore. The platform heels and acid-washed skinny jeans were considered hip back then but it's not trendy right now. 

Image Source: TikTok | @nicolestorydent
Image Source: TikTok | @nicolestorydent

But it seems this Target store had decided to go back in time and ended up shocking a millennial mom with their recent collection of clothing and accessories that were put out on display. @nicolestorydent on TikTok made a short funny video while dropping her reaction to some of the outrageous stuff from the early 2000s which is bound to give anyone like Dent a mild cardiac arrest with nostalgic flashbacks. The overlay text on her video with over 365,000 likes, reads: "When you see the clothes you used to wear in middle school back in style." 

Britney Spear's music streams in the background of the video as Dent blinks in disbelief at butterfly-shaped plastic clips which are available in many colors. Then she is taken aback by the thin-strapped denim tops followed up by some sandals which are not in the top picks of the youngsters these days. She further scrunches her nose at the frilly party wears and t-shirts with Looney Tunes cartoon characters stamped on them. By the end of her fifteen-second video, Dent acts like she is getting dizzy from all the things she has encountered during her Target trip and the video abruptly cuts off.

The comment section was soon flooded with people who had survived through the disastrous phase of fashion evolution. @mandyloeffler1 wrote: "I’m convinced someone found clothes from 2002 in an abandoned warehouse and was like 'I wonder if we can still sell these?'" @maximalisst commented: "They’re not even updating it to include their references! I saw a shirt that said 'groovy.' NONE OF THEM KNOWS WHAT GROOVY MEANS." @yeahshebig joked: "I remember they used to sell these matching banana clips, combs, and bracelet sets. Had to make sure everything matched."

Image Source: TikTok | @dannyarturolopez
Image Source: TikTok | @dannyarturolopez

@jkohn27 remarked: "Walking through Target right now feels like being in the movie Clueless." @rachaelbucholz referred to late 90s iconic girl group Spice Girls and wrote: "I told my daughter if you don’t know Baby Spice you can’t dress like her." @marlonruysschaert shared: "In Belgium is it even more back some girls are wearing jeans under dresses." @kyaandco quipped: "I remember having butterfly clips like those in my hair the day I broke my arm at 7 years old."

Image Source: TikTok | @jr7487
Image Source: TikTok | @jr7487

Unlike the early millennial fashion, some designs and fashion trends have proven to be timeless. This is demonstrated by Danielle Wiens—who goes by @daniellewiens on TikTok—an Orange County-based influencer, known for sharing fashion-related videos on TikTok. Wiens served the community with a generous dose of nostalgia in her video, where she tried out her mom's old outfits. She had worn it on different occasions during her youth. Wiens fished out a bright pink prom dress of her mom, then brought out her engagement dress and more to display.

Image Source: TikTok | @daniellewiens
Image Source: TikTok | @daniellewiens

The content creator tried on each of those dresses. It just proved that some fashion statements, even from the 80s, are timeless indeed. Wiens inserted old pictures of her mom wearing the dresses in the video as well. "Okay, this is so cute," she said while trying on a strapless pink, mid-length gown with bow-detailing that cinches around the waist, which apparently was purchased from Nordstrom in the late 80s. She even slipped into her mom's senior prom gown, which seemed to gain a lot of love online.

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