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Middle school teacher brings the moves in spontaneous dance-off with 8th grader and we're all cheering

Yolanda Turner, 51, has got some killer moves and the Internet cannot get enough of it.

Middle school teacher brings the moves in spontaneous dance-off with 8th grader and we're all cheering
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | @McClainEducates

So you think you can dance? You better not try and have a dance battle with this 51-year-old middle school teacher... because Yolanda Turner is going to serve and slay! The Hillsborough County tutor schooled a student during a dance battle and the internet can't get enough of her killer moves. According to Tampa Bay Times, it all started with a game called “dance telephone” which turned into a dance-off. The students were in for a shock when they learned Turner is a longtime vibe dancer and even danced in talent shows as a kid!



"The students were playing games. They were, you know, eating and enjoying their break time," Turner told Good Morning America. "They decided to tap me in, to call me out." The teacher had a dance-off with her former student, 8th grader O'Rian, on Dec. 22 during a break between exams on the cafeteria floor. O'Rian can be seen in the video that has been shared by celebrities like Ciara and Kim Kardashian with his jaw dropped after he sees his teacher's bada** skills. "It caught me like completely by surprise -- I was in shock," the 13-year-old shared. "I had to regroup myself like I didn't know that that was going to happen. We do a lot of dance-offs at our school," O'Rian said, "everyone's pretty much active in the music and dancing scene." But he admitted he's "never danced against Ms. Turner before - she caught me off guard."



The student and teacher have a special bond over music and have had a close relationship over the years even after O'Rian stopped being her student. "So he was a student of mine in the past. But we're always interacting on some level. He's either coming to my room or, you know, wanting to help," said Turner. "We're musically inclined. We sing, we dance. If you see him, you're gonna see him dancing."



She's also grateful for the in-school interactions with her students, especially since the pandemic."I've always had a great time with our students… They're so resilient," she said. "They deserve to have a great time, and I'm just happy to be a part of that." "I just want them to always remember that nothing is that bad where you can't dance," she added. As for her killer moves, dance has always been a passion for Turner who has taught at performing arts schools and DJs as a hobby. "Since I can remember, I have danced. It has always been a part of me and my life," said Turner. "It's good for the soul, it's good for the body."


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