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Michelle Yeoh reveals the hilarious advice her mom gave her for Oscars night

Yeoh shared that her mother gave her some unique advice on how to dress for the big night: "No pants!"

Michelle Yeoh reveals the hilarious advice her mom gave her for Oscars night
Cover Image Source: YouTube | TODAY

Michelle Yeoh has been having a great awards season so far having already won a Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for her role in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” And now that Yeoh has also been nominated for a best actress Academy Award, her mother has some unique advice for her in preparation for the big night. “My mom and I have a very interesting, beautiful relationship,” she told Willie Geist in TODAY’s Sunday Sitdown which will air on March 5. “She just called me the other day. ‘If you’re going to the Oscars, you must not wear pants,'” Yeoh added, laughing. “She was like, ‘And don’t do this’ and ‘Don’t do that’ and ‘You should keep your hair’ and...” the actor elaborated on her mom's advice.


Yeoh explained that her mother had a bunch of tips to share, but she found a way to have a little fun with her suggestions. She left her mom a message saying that she had tailor-made a tuxedo for the event, and would be wearing pants to the ceremony. Her mom's hilarious response was to suggest she change her mind and not wear them as she might look “short” in them. Yeoh said that her mother sometimes forgets she is an adult, but the actress appreciates her advice, even if it is a little out of the ordinary. With the Oscars fast approaching, it'll be interesting to see how much of her mother's unconventional advice Yeoh incorporates into her look on the big night.

Image Source: GettyImages/ Photo by: Amy Sussman
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Amy Sussman


The Oscar-nominated actress is well-known for her roles in movies like "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Despite her success, Yeoh reveals that she still gets some criticism from her mother. In the interview, Yeoh shared that her mother is constantly commenting on her hair, tan and other aspects of her appearance. Though her mother avoids saying congratulations when Yeoh has accomplishments like an Oscar nomination, Yeoh is still aware that her mother is proud of her.

Yeoh has also found that her latest movie, "Everything Everywhere All at Once," has had a positive effect on relationships between people. After seeing the movie, people have been able to become less judgmental and more understanding of each other. One example of this is when a mother approached Yeoh and told her that her daughter had started talking to her again after seeing the movie. Yeoh found this experience to be very powerful.

Image Source: GettyImages/ Photo by: 	Kevork Djansezian
Image Source: GettyImages | Photo by: Kevork Djansezian


Overall, her movie has shown that it is possible to have deep conversations and get to the root of our struggles. No matter what the age, it is important to stay connected with our loved ones and continue to pursue better understanding between one another.

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