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Michelle Obama surprises elementary school students with gifts for Christmas

The former first lady teamed up with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to provide much-needed supplies and facilities to the underserved Randle Highlands Elementary School.

Michelle Obama surprises elementary school students with gifts for Christmas

Our forever FLOTUS Michelle Obama just promised $500,000 in donations to develop girls' education across the world. It appears that it's not all. As part of Ellen DeGeneres' Greatest Night of Giveaways, a segment on the host's talk show in which she gives away lots of cool, free stuff, Obama made a special appearance. She visited an elementary school in D.C. to surprise the students and give them some Christmas gifts, WAMU 88.5 reports. Needless to say, it was just the end-of-year pick-me-up that the grateful kids needed. You go, Mrs. Obama!


In a nine-minute clip posted on Twitter, viewers can see that Obama visited the Randle Highlands Elementary School in Southeast D.C. to make the special delivery. She makes her entrance and is immediately greeted by an eager student who shouts out, high-pitched and excited, "Obama!" The class teacher freezes up and goes all wide-eyed (because how else do you react to seeing the greatest first lady ever enter your classroom?). Later on, she takes over the PA system, announces herself, and jokes that lunch is cream of asparagus. Meanwhile, the students are too busy screaming and absolutely losing their tiny, young minds.


Then, she enters a computer lab, which had only a few computers, to make the first of many announcements. She announced that she would be making a $100,000 donation to fulfill all the school’s needs. From there, the list of gifts just didn't seem to end. She gifted the school new Apple computers and laptops, iPads for every student, as well as a fancy new outdoor basketball court. Obama even showed a mock-up of the proposed basketball court using a projector, following which a teacher leaps and high-fives a fellow educator. As one of D.C.'s most underserved schools, Randle Highland was in dire need. All of the faculty members and students were incredibly grateful for Obama's generous gifts.


Principal Kristie Edwards explains what students experience at Randle Highland Elementary School. Though it's in one of the "roughest areas" in D.C., the school ensures that all 350 students enrolled have access to free hot lunch. Additionally, the school provides an in-house washer and drier so pupils can come to school with clean clothes. She explains, "We actually sit on the hill in Southeast D.C. It’s considered one of the roughest areas in D.C. 65 percent of our students are in the foster care system, or they are homeless... When our students come in here, they’re expecting the same thing, and that’s to get love, a hug and to ensure they’re in a safe space." Now, they can expect to enjoy the same facilities that students across the United States do, all thanks to forever first lady Obama and America's favorite aunt Degeneres.


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