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Men and women were asked if lady's image was AI-generated and they had totally opposite answers

The image in question is of a woman with grey eyes and freckles on her cheeks with a few strands of hair falling in the front.

Men and women were asked if lady's image was AI-generated and they had totally opposite answers
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @q_interviews

There have been various instances on the internet where people start wondering if a picture or a video is real or AI-generated when it goes viral. Fascinatingly, a clip posted on TikTok by @q_interviews shows men's and women's polar opposite reactions to an AI-generated picture. The video began with the host asking a man, “Do you think this picture is AI-generated or real?” The image in question was of a woman with grey eyes and freckles on her cheeks, with a few strands of her hair falling in the front.

Image Source: TikTok | @q_interviews
Image Source: TikTok | @q_interviews

When a woman was asked the same question, she instantly responded, “AI." A man chimed in and added, “She has so many details.” Two women in the next frame replied with a smile, “Very much AI.” They also revealed why, “It just gives AI, cartoony…hold on mouth looks a bit fake. ” Another man replied, “I think she’s real” and continued, “I’m looking for like six fingers, but she’s not showing anything.” In the next scene, a woman said, “Her eyes, her ears, it looks like it’s fake.” But for another man, the lady in the photo looked "human." He was so fascinated that he asked, "Her Instagram?”

“The first thing that tells me it’s AI-generated is her eyes,” responded a woman who answered earlier in the video. The first man that the interviewer asked the question added, “I would say she’s human. The expression on her face looks very genuine." When the people interviewed were finally told it was AI, a man responded, “Oh, no Instagram.” Another man said, “Humanity is doomed.” The two women who gave the right answer asked, “Do we get a prize?” but the host said the quiz was just for fun.

Image Source: TikTok | @q_interviews
Image Source: TikTok | @q_interviews

People in the comments were sure that the image was AI-generated. commented, “Why is this picture so obviously AI and not a photoshopped regular picture? I guessed AI, but Photoshop was on my mind.” @user5109162699468 wrote, “It’s scary that people cannot determine whether a picture is real or AI-generated.” @aestoriii expressed, “Worried for the people that didn’t get the uncanny valley.” @tea28tea shared, “And that is how a man falls in love on Instagram, not real.” @ericandreski said, “For me, it’s the inconsistency of what’s in focus. The eye on the right is much sharper than the one on the left.” 

Image Source: TikTok | @q_interviews
Image Source: TikTok | @q_interviews

In another similar scenario, a woman talked about a product on X and people could not believe that she was fake. The AI-generated model can be heard advertising wipes, “So you guys are telling me when you are out of the house for hours, you are comfortable walking around with all that stinky body that’s been building up on you all day? Let me tell you what I do. It is a healthy hygiene hack. My friends told me about these clothes from GetDirty. They were originally for firefighters to remove carcinogens off their skin, which don’t play games like other wipes in the market.”


People on X were confused because she looked like a real person. @erichcervantex commented, "Honestly, at first, I wouldn't have suspected this was AI. But now that it it confirmed, it's a lot easier to spot the irregularities...weird how that works. The future is going to be crazy that's for sure." @ladidaix wrote, "I'm confused. Where's the AI?" It mainly became confusing because the woman who posted this said that the video is completely AI-generated and she used an app called Arcads to make it. 

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