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Melania Trump tells husband Donald Trump to concede election loss

The first lady was one among the many to tell Trump to accept the loss.

Melania Trump tells husband Donald Trump to concede election loss
Image Source: First Lady Melania Trump Marks Recovery Month At The White House. WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 03. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

After several grueling days of waiting for the results of the 2020 Presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden was announced as the United States President-elect yesterday. The win has polarized citizens across the country along party lines. However, there is no one more disappointed and shocked as Donald Trump himself. As many expected, Trump spent his last few hours in the White House throwing a temper tantrum and refusing to leave. Melania, therefore, was one of the dozens of people trying to convince him to concede and leave the White House, CNN reports. Jared Kushner has also attempted to do the same.


A source familiar with conversations and goings-on in Trump's inner circle confirmed that Melania had in fact joined the "growing chorus" of people advising him that his "time had come." Throughout the election season, the current first lady was rather quiet on the campaign trail. Nonetheless, she has since weighed in with her own opinion. The source stated, "She has offered it, as she often does." After all, the former model who was promoted to the role of the first lady is probably ecstatic to leave the job and workplace she definitely did not sign up for. Thankfully, Mrs. Trump was able to deliver some common sense to her husband.


Melania is not the only one in Trump's tight circle of looters, tax evaders, and entitled capitalists to voice their concerns. Kushner, his senior advisor, also encouraged the President to step down quietly. Despite this, he spent his morning on Twitter, his favorite platform, continuing to upload posts about his opposition to Biden's win. It appears that Trump is still clinging on to his courtroom hopes, though his cases have been met with immense skepticism. A judge in Nevada, one of the last states to announce results, asked, "Why do I grant extraordinary relief if you don’t have evidence to show the likelihood of success on the merits?"


But since we're talking about Twitter, it is important to note that Melania and Kushner are simply two voices in a sea of hundreds telling the President to step down. Some other notable folks to recommend the same include Piers Morgan, who posted, "Dear Donald, I say this as your friend: it's over. Concede the election." CNN journalist SE Cupp added, "I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Donald Trump doesn’t have to formally 'concede' for America to move on from him. We’re already doing it."


Meanwhile, Biden has already begun his plans to enter get his administration cracking on the country's biggest challenges. He announced he would soon set up a Coronavirus task force to tackle the ongoing public health crisis, and stock prices have already hit new highs. Yes, Trump did try to take responsibility for a new vaccine and stock prices (He tweeted, "STOCK MARKET UP BIG, VACCINE COMING SOON. REPORT 90% EFFECTIVE. SUCH GREAT NEWS!"), but it is clear that America is seeing through his smoke and mirrors. The country has let go, now, it is time for the big orange man himself to exeunt (preferably pursued by arrest warrant).


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