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Melania isn't defending Trump & silently forges through impeachment, and people are noticing

The first lady seems to be rather unbothered by the possibility of husband President Trump losing his iron throne in the White House.

Melania isn't defending Trump & silently forges through impeachment, and people are noticing
Image Source: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks as he and first lady Melania Trump attend the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony held by the National Park Service at the Ellipse near the White House, on December 5, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo b

Unlike other first ladies of the United States, Melania Trump hasn't seemed to enjoy the Presidential journey all that much. From appearing disinterested during meetings and taking on a rather passive role during the election trail, FLOTUS has been quite bored by it all. After all, why else would she wear a parka that read, "I don't really care, do you?" Now, as her husband and President of the United States Donald Trump battles against impeachment by those on Capitol Hill, Melania Trump appears to be completely unfazed by the whole affair. And people are noticing — as they rightly should.


Melania Trump is only the fourth first lady to experience the process of impeachment. But there's a stark and noticeable difference between her and her predecessors. While Hillary Clinton spent the morning of her husband Bill Clinton's impeachment on Capitol Hill in an attempt to rally Democrats to his side or Pat Nixon spoke incessantly with reporters assuring them her husband Richard Nixon would not quit (until he eventually did), Melania Trump has been lying rather low. According to Darlene Superville writing for the Associated Press, the current FLOTUS has decided to press "on through the ordeal silently, showing no inclination to speak out publicly on behalf of her spouse."


Her reaction to the President's impeachment is also largely different from Trump's himself. Recently, he broke his own record for the number of tweets posted in a day — again, all while she has remained strangely mum. This is especially peculiar as Trump has, on many occasions, complained about the "great damage and hurt" impeachment has "inflicted upon wonderful and loving members of my family." In a revealing statement, FLOTUS' spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham fought off all possibilities that this could be true. "As always, Mrs. Trump is focused on being a mother and wife, and is busy serving our great nation," she affirmed. "She is very strong, and after many years now, has become used to political harassment." So could it be President Trump who is unable to handle all the criticism being thrown his way?

Perhaps her silence could be a direct result of having no one to plagiarize, er, learn from. Boston University communications professor and author of a book about Melania Trump and Michelle Obama, Tammy Vigil, stated, "Like every first lady, she’s sort of trying to forge her own path through this. In this particular case, she doesn’t really have a whole lot of history to look toward." Regardless of whether she has an impeachment 101 rule book or not, how can we expect the American people to have faith in their President when his own wife, it appears, does not? The impeachment trial will pick back up in the Senate in the new year, by which time maybe Melania Trump will feel inspired to protect her husband from the "great damage and hurt" the whole process has seemed to inflict upon the "wonderful and loving" Trumps.

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