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Meet Greyson. At age 8, he mows lawns for first responders & single moms, and feeds the hungry.

Greyson Winfield simply wants to make the world a better place. While he hopes to become a Navy SEAL one day, his service has started in his community.

Meet Greyson. At age 8, he mows lawns for first responders & single moms, and feeds the hungry.
Image Source: helpingfootprint / Facebook

Eight-year-old Greyson Winfield lives in Conway, South Carolina. He may be small, but he is mighty. Through one act of kindness at a time, he is making a huge difference in his community. Some of these acts of kindness include mowing the lawns of busy single mothers and first responders in his neighborhood. Additionally, he helps feed the hungry. He is the son of two former firefighters, and therefore, service has always been embedded in his life. Inspired to do his own part, little Greyson sought the help of his parents to set up the organization Helping Footprint, through which he collects donations and calls for service, CNN reports.



According to the eight-year-old, he wants to grow up to be a man just like former President John F Kennedy. As for his career, he hopes to become a Navy SEAL when he is older. He said, "Helping others is the right thing to do. Also, JFK was in the Navy before becoming president and I want to follow his lead."

As a fourth-grader, he is much too young to be a SEAL right now, but he thought he would get a headstart anyway. Therefore, he created Helping Footprint with the intention of "making the world a better place." "I want to help people," Greyson explained. "There are other people who have nobody to help them and it's the right thing to do."



Though he has already donated Christmas gifts to children less fortunate than him, help has been needed more than ever due to the ongoing public health crisis. As per his mother Stevie, the pandemic made her son "very emotional." She stated, "He asked how people will keep their homes and feed their children if they aren't working. That is truly what started Helping Footprint take off." So far, the eight-year-old has delivered gift cards for food to six families and, with the help of his brother and foster brother, mowed nine lawns. The trio hopes to mow at least five lawns every single week.



Greyson's volunteer work has inspired his younger brother Garrett, age six, to follow in his footsteps (or should we say footprints?). In addition to volunteering his time with Helping Footprint, he makes snack bags and dumplings to provide meals for those in need. He wants to be a chef, so this job is perfect for him. "The boys have helped many people along the way," their mother shared. "Many more than we can count." To follow Greyson on his journey to make the world a better place, you can check out his page Helping Footprint on Facebook.



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