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'May I see Lyla?': 5-year-old asks girl to be his Valentine and it's the most adorable thing ever

His mother said the 5-year-old planned the whole thing and even picked out the dress to wear. He was nervous, she said.

'May I see Lyla?': 5-year-old asks girl to be his Valentine and it's the most adorable thing ever
Image source: TikTok/@shelbysmall1

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 21, 2022. It has since been updated.

When you are in love, you are in love. What more can you say? An adorable five-year-old kid is winning hearts on the internet after asking a girl to be his Valentine. Not only did he dress up in a dapper suit, but he also got her flowers and a stuffed toy. The video of the cute moment has been shared widely and it's fair to say the kid has raised the bar as far as courtship is concerned. His mother revealed that he had planned the whole thing by himself while she helped out with actually pulling it off. She posted the adorable video on TikTok.





It is clear this kid was smitten. He wore a black suit, got a bouquet of flowers and went to his classmate Lyla’s house, in freezing temperatures. It was 14 degrees and snowing. But nothing was going to deter this little boy from asking his classmate out. He knocked on her door and waited patiently as he was filmed by his mother, who later revealed that he was very nervous about it. If he was nervous, he didn't show it, as he calmly waited outside her door waiting for someone to open the door. Lyla's dad opened the door, surprised to see the little kid standing outside in the freezing temperature holding a bouquet and a stuffed toy.



“May I see Lyla?” he quietly but confidently asked her dad. Her dad asked Lyla to come to the front door. Her face lights up on seeing him. "Hi, Lyla! Happy Valentine's Day," he wishes her. Lyla's mother walks her to the front door where he's waiting with all her gifts. "What have we got here," asks her mother. Lyla takes the gifts from him before giving him a big hug. He calmly walks out with a big smile on his face. The video has been viewed more than 54 million times and garnered more than 10 million likes.  



TikTok users were too overwhelmed by the cuteness of the pair. "He's just the sweetest little thing, so polite and gentlemanly...and Lila was so sweet to accept so graciously...great job to both sets of parents," wrote one user. Another added, "This little boy set the bar for her. She will demand respect from now on and know her worth!! Way to go little man." One person commented, "Not only has he been taught how to treat the one he has a crush on but she now understands how to be treated. Both are equally important."







"Will you be my girlfriend?"

There's nothing more adorable than young kids experiencing their first crushes. Another kid, Fynnton, made an adorable card for his crush. He even sought his Dad's help. "I want to make her a card," he told his dad. The pair then brainstormed on what to write before he got straight to the point: "Will you be my girlfriend?" The next morning he dresses up in a red suit. He then sees her and hands her the card. As she reads through it, he asks, "Will you be my girlfriend?" Cue suspense. She goes one step further and says, "We could get married when we grow up!"


Fynnton's face lights up as he looks at his dad and says, "Yes!"

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