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Mark Wahlberg returns to bag groceries at the store he worked at as a teen: 'Where it all started'

Actor Mark Wahlberg, who used to work as a grocery bagger at a Stop & Shop store in Massachusetts before getting his big break, recently visited his former workplace and even helped bag groceries.

Mark Wahlberg returns to bag groceries at the store he worked at as a teen: 'Where it all started'
Image Source: Instagram/markwahlberg

Most of us have taken up part-time or summer jobs at grocery stores, ice cream parlors, coffee chains, yogurt shops and cinema halls while growing up. Mark Wahlberg, the "Ted" actor, was no different as he too used to bag groceries before he got his first shot at fame with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

Mark Wahlberg attends the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's
Mark Wahlberg attends the Los Angeles premiere of Netflix's "Me Time" at Regency Village Theatre on August 23, 2022, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

His early career involved working as a grocery bagger at a Stop & Shop store in Quincy, Massachusetts, reports PEOPLE. In a recent Instagram post, the actor shared his visit to his former workplace, where he reminisced about his humble beginnings and how it all began in that same Stop & Shop parking lot.

Image Source: Instagram/@markwahlberg
Image Source: Instagram/@markwahlberg

He said in the video, "Right here, this is where the whole hustle started." Dressed in a pink camouflage sweatshirt, Wahlberg recounted, "I was bagging groceries, $3.65 an hour, while I was right up the street getting my driver’s ed. Same day I turned 17, I got my driver’s license, I bought a Pontiac for $200 from Lappen’s Auto Parts."

He added, "I want to see if I can get my job back." Upon entering the store, the co-founder of Wahlburgers proceeded to help bag groceries. He quickly regained his knack for the job and even recalled some of the bagging protocols, as he advised a customer that the paper bag might not be sturdy enough for the weight of the oranges.

Image Source: Instagram/markwahlberg
Image Source: Instagram/@markwahlberg

Wahlberg spent some time talking to Stop & Shop employees and customers, and even embraced a few individuals and took pictures with them. One of the employees said, "Doing some serious good in the world, this young man" while Wahlberg was taking pictures with another worker.

He replied, "We want to bring people together." Apart from returning to his previous occupation, Wahlberg had another motive for the visit. As a co-founder or investor in various food and beverage companies such as Flecha Azul Tequila or Performance Inspired Nutrition, he wandered around the store, searching for his own products and proposing to the staff that they should stock any missing items.


The video has been viewed over 1.2 million times and people in the comments section appreciated his humble and gentle behavior. @ryanbranco said, "Bro you are the most genuine, generous and thoughtful dude I’ve ever seen that’s famous! Definitely God is in your heart broseph! I’m 46 now and that kind of stuff is what blesses folks when someone they’ve admired shows up to just say hello! God Bless you brother!" @mspandajo said, "Love you and everything you are about. Your mother is smiling from heaven. Keep up the wonderful good work."

"Yea buddy I know the struggle. I started scooping ice cream at Lowell’s Restaurant in Mendon, MA, at the age of 14. I was tall enough to reach into that freezer and scoop lol. Keep grinding. You inspire me to be better every day," shared @tallmanathletics. It is heartwarming and inspiring to see famous celebrities who keep in touch with their roots and where they came from while inspiring others to reach for stars.

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