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Man's short stint on gameshow leads to outpouring of kindness from all corners of the country

Brad got a bad hand on Gameshow, but his destiny was overturned when viewers were emotionally touched by his story of perseverance.

Man's short stint on gameshow leads to outpouring of kindness from all corners of the country
Cover Image Source: YouTube/Deal or No Deal

Humanity at its best can be moving, emotional and impactful. In a world where everyone is competing with each other to be the best, it is heartening to see people come together to help an individual. This happened when strangers across a nation showed up for "Deal or No Deal" contestant Brad Wale. Just like any other human, Wale also has dreams and adventures that he wants to complete before calling it a day. But because of a bad hand dealt to him, he does not have much time to complete his dreams. He shared his story on the popular game show, leading to people rushing to support him through GoFundMe, reports BBC.


Brad Wale, who is a native of Wolverhampton, suffers from motor neurone disease. It is a rare condition that impacts an individual's brain and nerves. The impact is so intense that the victim experiences serious weakness, which continues to worsen as time passes. At present, there is no cure for this condition, but there are treatments in place that can give victims a better quality of life.


The sole reason Wale participated in the game show was to collect funds for his bucket list. The man is aware of the reality that he does not have enough time to fulfill all the adventures on his bucket list. This was his way of gaining quick money. Unfortunately, the game did not pan out as he would have wished it to; he came out with just £5. A lot of viewers felt sad along with Wale, seeing all of this unfold before them.


Deal or No Deal returned to British screens after being shut down in 2016. Though the show has made a comeback after six years, its concept has remained the same. In the show, the contestants have to bet on their guessing abilities. They have to either take a deal from The Banker or risk it all for an unknown amount inside their box. Wale lost this game of fate and missed out on the elusive prize.


Fellow contestant Rochelle Brown decided to step in and help Wale achieve his objective. Brown met Wale during the audition and "clicked right away." Hearing his story, she knew she could do more and put a plan in place. She set up a fundraiser with a target of £20,000 (approximately $25k). His story touched viewers all across the country so much that, within days, the target was achieved. Now that it has crossed £100,000 (about $125k), as per ITV News, Brown believes there is no one better than Wale to be a recipient of such kindness from people. She said of the whole fundraiser, "After the show, I gave it 15 minutes. I wanted to keep the momentum up. It's an hour show for everyone at home, but this is Brad's life. This doesn't just end once the camera stops filming. He really deserves to have his bucket list and his dreams come true."


Wale could not believe this crazy turn of events. In his interview with BBC Radio WM, he shared, "I genuinely can't believe it, I'm lost for words, it's so overwhelming. I left with £5 and that was it. I was content with that, I accepted it so I was never expecting something like this. I feel honored, blessed and guilty at the same time."


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