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Man shares hilarious video of his sassy 106-year-old grandma who still makes him breakfast

Alex Traynor loves his 106-year-old Grandma, Doris Brown, so much that he could not stop himself from introducing her to the world.

Man shares hilarious video of his sassy 106-year-old grandma who still makes him breakfast
Cover Image Source: Youtube / Alex Traynor

We all love our grandmothers. They fill our lives with warmth and joy and always know what we want for Christmas. We can always count on them and their love for us is like no other. While grandparents are the ultimate sports in any fun things, YouTuber Alex Traynor's 106-year-old Grandma, Doris Brown, is a league apart. She is so sassy, incredible and one-of-a-kind that he could not stop himself from introducing her to the world. In a YouTube video making the rounds on the internet, Traynor shares Brown's story in hilarious but endearing manner.


"We've been assuming my grandmother was going to die next year every year for my entire life, and here she is 106 years old," Traynor says in the amusing video. His YouTube channel is mostly filled with comedy content from a few years back and “reviews” in the way that the Grandma video is a review—which it is essentially not—but is still very entertaining. Traynor goes on to say that despite her age and it being easier to name the "types of cancer she has not had," Grandma Brown still cooks breakfast for her "able-bodied" grandson.

She is also reportedly "obsessed" with making sure Traynor has enough blankets while he dozes on the couch. "Not only does she refuse to stop living, but she also refuses to retire as the manager of my own personal Denny's, which begs the question, 'What is her secret to live a healthy lifestyle?'" he adds.


Traynor stated that Brown suffered such a severe heart attack at 48 that she was read her last rites. Three months ago, when she was hospitalized, everybody thought this was it, but it turned out to be just a UTI. As his grandma flips through the photo albums and shows him all his "old thirst traps" from when he was a baby, pictures of his mom and other family members, Traynor cannot contain himself to call her ""

"She is basically, except you have to scream all of your questions at the top of your lungs," he jokes. Brown was born in 1917 and has lived through both World Wars.


The centenarian said she partied and smoked during the wars, and Traynor succinctly calls her "an active duty party animal." He pans his camera to a cabinet filled with alcohol and a proud mug that reads, "New Grandma." Traynor then reviews her interior design choices, saying that if her walls could talk, they would be diagnosed with ADHD due to the sheer number of showpieces hanging on her wall.

Brown is a spoon collector, a master of leaving used Kleenex on the floor, and owns a giant "fruit butt plug." Traynor also shared that during his comedy shows, his grandma would show up from the middle of nowhere in Connecticut to surprise him and her fans.


When asked how she would like to be remembered, Mrs. Brown said, "As a pretty good person. I do not want to take any honors." She shared that the secret to living to 106 is to "stay humble, have a sense of humor and be kind." She added: "If you are mean and rotten, they hate you."

Traynor ended the video by noting, "I think the world would be a better place if we all took after this very old woman. That is why I have been writing these pretty good essays ever since fifth grade because she has been a pretty good person and a pretty good grandma, and if she does die next year, this year, we will all say she had a pretty good run, but I do not think we'll get that opportunity because odds are, she will probably outlive all of us."

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