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Man uses 'Monopoly' to explain why hoarding resources is unsustainable and it's an eye-opener

Activist Johnny Akzam draws a parallel between the board and real life where the aim is to hoard resources.

Man uses 'Monopoly' to explain why hoarding resources is unsustainable and it's an eye-opener
Cover Image Source: Twitter/ Johnny Akzam

In a recent post by activist Johnny Akzam, he shared an anecdote related to the classic game of "Monopoly." He reminded readers that the game ends when no one affords to live on the board anymore. At that point, money becomes worthless and the hotels are abandoned. In his own words, he said “It’s unsustainable. It’s what we’re doing.” The tweet has over 8.5k views and has been shared 139 times. This post spurred an interesting discussion, with some talking about the history of the game and others looking deeper into the underlying issues it brings up on the surface.



"The contradiction of capitalism - when capitalists' only goals are just endless profits while the working class is so immiserated they can’t afford to buy the goods and services offered by those same people anymore. Don’t worry though, they’ll give us enough to shut us up," said carolmelodrama, a Twitter user. Another Twitter user, Gregory West, said, "Monopoly ends when everyone is renting from one landlord." To which Johnny Akzam himself replied on the platform, "No. It ends when only one person has all the money and no one else can rent from that single player. The game ends. No one can rent anymore. The hotels and properties become worthless. Game over." "Monopoly was based on a board game called, Community. It's a game about cooperation and building stronger communities. Capitalists killed that. And are trying to kill us all." says, Mr. Jackson on Twitter.



"Among my brothers, it usually ended with a punch after someone pulled hidden money from under the board," commented Ike Kiefer on Twitter. Whereas, Chris Young, said, "Only, the 1% of folk left congratulating themselves for their shrewd business sense at the end, started off with 90% of the wealth in the first place." MrPeace&Liberty, said, "It’s as if the banking system is telling us outright that any purported economy subject to interest ultimately terminates itself under insoluble sums of falsified debt. #pfmpe"

On Reddit, it is posted by u/GrumpitySnek as saying, "They really don't understand the market." People reacted to the post by saying, "The mindset of 'what humans deserve' always results in blindly picking economic policies that push people further from the stated goal. Ideology is exhausting and it's the reason I rarely have discussions about economics or politics with people anymore." dcbiker commented, "Americans are naive to think that the ruling class only want to kill off Nazis. The 99% are just taking up space now. The globalists don't need you. The ruling powers will soon have robots. Do you really think the tyranny will stop when toothpicks are banned? The elites are going all the way because no one will resist. Everyone always wants more. If you have apples and oranges today, you will want airplanes and yachts tomorrow."

Image Source: Reddit/a-gaga
Image Source: Reddit/a-gaga

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