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Man steps up with kind gesture after seeing a 94-year-old woman struggling to find her seat on the plane

The elderly woman seemed a little lost and had no one with her to help her find the seat. That's when the kind gentleman stepped in.

Man steps up with kind gesture after seeing a 94-year-old woman struggling to find her seat on the plane
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Laura Larsen Failner

In today's world, people seem to care less for acts of kindness but every now and then, comes along a story that inspired hope and faith in humanity. The passengers on Laura Larsen Failner's flight started to get irritated when their schedule went haywire because of a 94-year-old woman, who was having trouble reaching her seat. Since her query was not getting resolved, Failner could not focus on fellow passengers. During such a distressing time, a man from first class appeared as an angel for the elderly woman. The flight attendant shared the story on her Facebook post and it went viral in no time.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio

The 94-year-old passenger was frail and walking slowly to her seat. Failner went to help and asked her where she was to be seated, but the elderly woman had difficulty remembering her exact seat. Since it was during the flight, it was impossible for the flight attendant to hold the woman and take her through the entire plane. Seeing the chaos, a man from the first class stepped up to ease the situation. The flight attendant wrote, "In first class, this wonderful gentleman saw her plight and flagged me down. He said, 'Can you please get her and put her in my seat and I will take hers.'"

The flight attendant helped the man quickly facilitate the exchange. After the old woman realized what the man was doing for her, she got emotional, as she usually did not get treated with such kindness and understanding. She said, "Never in my 94 years has someone done that for me. Thank you, young man." The woman was very moved by the gesture and began crying to the man out of gratitude. This incident also showcases the power of kindness, as, after this gesture, the attitude on the flight suddenly changes. People became more thoughtful. The attendant ended the post with a sweet message, "May we all look for the little things we can do to help others around us and show Christlike acts of kindness. In this crazy world, let's all try to be the good."


People might think that such acts of kindness are rare, but time and again, humans have surprised others by being selfless in their deeds. Trieste Belmont literally got her life back because a stranger took the time to speak a few words to her. She was on a bridge ready to jump, but the man stopped her. The man could have gone his way and been immersed in his daily routine, but he took the time to care for Belmont and today, she is alive because of that kindness. It shows how kindness, whether small or big, is never a waste.

Image Source: Facebook/ Sally Dooly
Image Source: Facebook/ Sally Dooly
Image Source: Facebook/Debbie Glines Tucker
Image Source: Facebook/Debbie Glines Tucker

The comment section of the post loved this act of kindness by the man and its impact. Lenn Johnson identified the guy in the post as Gerald and appreciated his gesture and wrote, "Awesome story!! There are still good people in this world! Gerald is a great guy!!" Shannon Christensen Mabey shared how this incident proves there is still kindness in the world and commented, "What a wonderful thing to witness and be a part of! It's these moments we need to hear more about that proves there's still good in the world."

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