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Man's interesting take on viral 'man or bear' trend resonates with women: 'You get it'

Amid other men sharing why bears are the actual danger, this man's perspective is what women call 'the best explanation' they have ever seen.

Man's interesting take on viral 'man or bear' trend resonates with women: 'You get it'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @john_cannon, @bookofjobe666

Many viral trends come and go on social media. But very few trends make a massive impact and prompt discussions for a long time. Recently, the "Man or Bear?" question has become one such topic that spawned a chain of arguments on the internet. As much as women and even some men claim that bears are less dangerous than men, some people contradict this notion. Jobe Fortuna, a Tarot enthusiast and Satanist who goes by @bookofjobe666 on TikTok, shared his perspective on TikTok and women could not agree more with him.

Image Source: TikTok | @john_cannon_, @bookofjobe666
Image Source: TikTok | @john_cannon_, @bookofjobe666

Fortuna created this video as a response to another content creator Jonathan Buchanan's (@john_cannon_), take on this "man or bear" debate. "But you all are acting like men are scarier than bears. You ain't watch enough nature documentaries, baby," Buchanan criticized. Stitching with Buchanan, Fortuna listed several reasons why women choosing bear over men was justified. "There aren't any women's shelters to shelter women who've been attacked by bears. There are no support groups for women who've been attacked by bears," said Fortuna. He implied how women attacked or abused by men, not bears, needed emotional support. He then strongly emphasized that, often, mothers teach their daughters to protect themselves from a man - not a bear.  

Image Source: TikTok | @bookofjobe666
Image Source: TikTok | @bookofjobe666

Fortuna highlighted how women have to go out in groups because of their fear of men and not bears. Walking home late at night, it's not a bear attack that a woman fears but a man's attack. "Women aren't worried about a bear following them home. Women aren't worried about being harassed at work by bears. Women aren't worried about bears spiking their drinks," listed Fortuna. "Do I have to go on?" he asked sarcastically. By stating the gruesome reality that women face every day, Fortuna pointed out that it's fair for women to fear men more than bears.

Just like Buchanan, many others found this "man or bear" trend to have a misandrist outlook. Backing up Buchanan's point of view, a few people debated in the comment section. "You ignored that the question means the woman is exposed to the bear as much as the man. There would still be no bear support groups, but only cause they'd all been killed by the bear," said @stuartwhunter. "You're a man, so you think a woman would be safer in a room with a bear than with you? Sounds like you're speaking from experience," criticized @gruffthecat.

Image Source: TikTok | @fey_thefaetouched
Image Source: TikTok | @fey_thefaetouched
Image Source: TikTok | @pearl7801
Image Source: TikTok | @pearl7801

However, overwhelming support, from women in particular, swarmed in for Fortuna. Many even added more pointers to his list. "The best and saddest response I've seen to this is, 'The worst a bear can do is kill me,'" pointed out @tooksbear. "I live where there's bears, cougars and coyotes, and when I'm out hiking, I'm not worried about them. I'm worried about a man finding me alone out there," added @craycraycristen. "I've never checked my van's backseat for bears before getting in," remarked @erinoftwins123. "Thank you! We need more male voices to recognize this," said @justcallmekimbo.

You can follow Jobe Fortuna (@bookofjobe666) on TikTok for more content on tarot reading.

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