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Man's hilarious nail appointment at toddler's 'salon' explains what it means to be a 'girl dad'

Dad's turn as a customer in his daughter's nail salon is hilarious and winning everyone's hearts on the internet.

Man's hilarious nail appointment at toddler's 'salon' explains what it means to be a 'girl dad'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @nikadiwa

Playtime with kids is the best way to recharge one's soul. They are all joy and cuteness packed into one. Nika Diwa—who goes by @nikadiwa on TikTok—showed how her daughter through her adorable gestures lifts her and her partner's day. In this video, the daughter is operating a nail salon where her father is her customer. It is safe to say that the shop would not survive a day in real life. The girl refuses to consider any feedback, and instead asks her father to be "careful." The shop might not give the customers their money's worth, but it will provide them with an experience full of laughs.

Image Source: TikTok/@nikadiwa
Image Source: TikTok | @nikadiwa

Diwa put up the text overlay "Walked in on my husband's nail appointment with our toddler" in the video. She is seen walking into the room, where her daughter like any good nail technician is engaging in small talk. She has posed a very meaningful question to her father, "What's your inspiration?" Hearing such powerful thoughts come out of her toddler's mouth, Siwa couldn't control her laughter. The daughter then moved on to the next question, "How was your day, today?" The father did not hold back and played his role of a customer to the t. He replied, "Oh my goodness, it was hectic."

Image Source: TikTok/@nikadiwa
Image Source: TikTok | @nikadiwa

The daughter was using colorful straws and tapes to make her dream into reality. Just because he was getting his nails done by his daughter, the father did not hold back on his review. He immediately informed her when one of his nails fell out. The daughter did not pay heed to it. She began diverting the conversation and got some chuckles out at the cost of her parents' relationship. But her father kept at it with his criticism. The daughter like an astute business personnel shifted the blame. She immediately said, "It's cause you are not being careful." The customer cut right to the chase, "Are we going to get these fixed or not." The toddler replied that it would take "extra." Diwa couldn't help herself and started laughing uncontrollably hearing her toddler's audacity.

The daughter finished the appointment with very poignant advice to her father, "You need to take care of yourself." The man replied that he was "trying." The camaraderie between the two was so smooth and hilarious that it not only made their playtime interesting but also won hearts all over the internet. The video became viral in no time.

Image Source: TikTok/@claudineflo
Image Source: TikTok | @claudineflo
Image Source: TikTok/@quartz18
Image Source: TikTok | @quartz18

The comment section couldn't get enough of the father-daughter pair. @heatherbwatching commented how the daughter was perfect in her imitation, "That baby has been to a salon. Not my fault." @heisjustincredible shared how the video made him want to be a girl dad, "I want to be a girl dad so badly, this is so cute." @iamcheekieq loved the life lessons in the playtime, "Not her giving life lessons with the appointment! 'You’re not being careful…You have to take care of yourself…Do your best is all that matters!!'"

@nikadiwa Comment below to make your appointment 💅🏽😅 #waittilltheend #toddler #girldad ♬ original sound - Nika Diwa


You can follow Nika Diwa (@nikadiwa) on TikTok for more such playtime adventures.

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