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'Nailed it': Video of a man wielding a hammer at breakneck speed has left everyone mesmerized

He can be seen nailing metal pieces into the wood in a fraction of a second and people are saying he 'nailed it.'

'Nailed it': Video of a man wielding a hammer at breakneck speed has left everyone mesmerized
Image Source: TikTok/Veysil Celik

Editor's note: This article was originally published on February 24, 2023. It has since been updated.

Practice can make anyone perfect in any skill that one wants to acquire. Hence, we can master any art provided that we follow all the techniques and practice them enough times. A man seems to have aced this formula as his eye-hand coordination while nailing metal pieces into wood is being applauded on the internet. A video clip provided by the How Thing Work Twitter account shows a guy using a hammer to attach metal parts to a wooden frame.


He is observed moving his hands quickly and moving on to the next piece in a fraction of a second. He maintains entire concentration on the task at hand and synchronizes his hand motions properly. Moreover, his hammering produces a rhythmic sound that demonstrates that he is taking the exact same time with every piece. The caption with the video reads, "So many talented people in this world that have mastered the work they do. The hand-eye coordination here." 

The video has gathered 4 million views and over 4000 retweets. The man can be identified as Veysel Çelik on TikTok and his original video has racked up almost 20 million views on the video-sharing platform. He has posted several other videos displaying his skills with woodwork and this one gives the best glimpse of his efficiency in his work. Twitter users had several reactions to this intriguing video and Veysel's skills. One user, @bwhite70, commented, "I wouldn’t arm wrestle him. My dad as a young man was a framing carpenter he had arms like Popeye." Another person, @AlastairGrayson, added, "It's like playing guitar. The trick is to keep your strumming hand strumming, even when you're NOT playing a chord. Follow the rhythm, and you're fine. Break the rhythm, and you end up slow and rushed at the same time."


"I bet it’s not even lunchtime and he’s already done half a day’s work within the first five minutes of the day. He’s that good," added @Michael56410717. Several others noted the rhythmic sounds made by his hammer and @TempusDrums went ahead to say, "When I get home from the gym this morning I’m immediately gonna sit down at the drum set and improvise on his exceedingly cool rhythm." Several others attributed his skills to the common phrase, "nailed it" and we all agree that he most certainly did. 



Another person who has been popularized for his skills is Jason Grosboll aka "popcorn guy." Oscar, who goes by the TikTok handle @oanderle, captured an intriguing video of him dazzling clients with his popcorn-serving abilities. He doesn't simply fill the bucket; he rotates it to evenly distribute the butter and turns it into a stunning spectacle that rivals the thrill of a movie. Oscar was on his way to watch Avatar 2 when he became fascinated with Grosboll's manner of delivering popcorn and decided to film it. Since then, the video has gone viral and Grosboll was even invited to Jimmy Kimmel's show. Kimmel even went ahead and invited him to the Oscars to serve popcorn to Tom Cruise.

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