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Man’s conversation with boss about the 'passion required for success' sparks debate

The man recalls an experience with his boss and looks up to it as the pathway to success but people believe otherwise.

Man’s conversation with boss about the 'passion required for success' sparks debate
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Marc Mueller; X | @philiphartz

Nothing comes freely without hard work and struggle but there is a balance to be maintained between working and living. With the current economy and corporate state, employees are forced to relinquish their work-life balance and put in bizarre hustles. While hard work is necessary, it shouldn’t become an exhausting and bone-drying routine that drains the living light out of us. Real Estate developer and businessman Philip Hartz shared a post about his boss’s definition of “passion for work” and it's safe to say people have divided opinions. The man recalled an experience he had with his boss which he claimed taught him the “passion required for success.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Marcu Aurelius
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Marcus Aurelius

Hartz mentioned that his boss didn’t have an easy life but he worked his way up. “My first boss was a high school dropout. He started driving a semi at 18. At 21, he bought a second rig. By 40, he had over 100,” he explained. He then recalled asking his boss how he made it that far in life with a poor background. “You’ll see,” is the only reply he received. Soon, the boss called Hartz on a Sunday at 10.30 pm saying, “Working on something. Come to the office when you can.” Hartz arrived by 11.15 pm and was astounded at the sight. “There's 8-10 cigarettes in the ashtray. In other words, he's been there for a while,” he mentioned.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Shvets
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Anna Shvets

The boss had been devising a plan to cut costs and deal with a problem they had been facing at work. He explained the concept to Hartz and presented to him all the details, drawings, other relevant information and ideas he had worked up. The duo worked on the matter for quite some time. “By 3 am, I’m exhausted. He tells me to head out,” Hartz wrote. “Back at work at 7:30 on Monday. He's on the phone but waves me in. I see 20 cigarettes in the ashtray." The boss had never left the office and pulled an all-nighter to finish up with what he had started. “Now you know what it takes to get here,” he told Hartz before getting back to work just as fresh as any other employee.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

Many were of Hartz’s opinion that the boss was a prime example of the process of success. “I've replayed that talk hundreds of times. Forever grateful to him for showing me the passion required for success,” Hartz wrote. @Hoomer2024 wrote, “That’s unfortunately what it takes.” @JeremyGlantz exclaimed, “That's amazing. That guy must have incredible energy and an internal motor that runs hot all the time.” @kashaziz remarked, “Inspirational. Sheer focus, determination, perseverance. These are the common traits in all self-made individuals.” 




However, many people believe that though the boss’s commitment and hard work are to be commended, it isn’t something to be encouraged as it throws off the idea of work-life balance. @natemillercpa said, ‘I’ve worked hard to get where I am but don’t work nights and weekends. Does this guy have a family? Bet they would trade time with him for less money.” @LandBsCards remarked, “Sounds like a miserable life.” @Heston83 exclaimed, “If he had kids, chances are that the sacrifices weren’t worth it.” @KevinHussey4 wrote, “Chain smoking and sleep deprivation is the key to success…I mean never being happy.”


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