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Chat with an electrician taken an adorably amusing turn after client says 'I love you'

This tweet was so LOL-worthy that it went viral. 'This whole conversation is a mess' tweeted a user.

Chat with an electrician taken an adorably amusing turn after client says 'I love you'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @cestnepa5

When someone comes to your house to fix or install something, it is always a source of mild anxiety and awkwardness. Aside from offering them tea or coffee, we never know how much to interact with them. In the dilemma of whether to take too much or too little of their time, we end up making things a bit awkward. What adds to it is the brief conversation with them over text. Statements like "I'm waiting for your arrival" or "I am home now" seem like the most perfect, yet most inappropriate things to say. 

Sometimes you can not wait for the entire interaction to be over so they can forget how much you embarrass yourself. Maybe some instances go successfully awkward yet hilariously adorable. And if there's one exchange that perfectly captures our fear of what could go wrong, it's without a doubt this one. It's a tweet shared by @cestnepa5 on Twitter that went viral. It was captioned, "He's here in 10 minutes what do I do?" 



To his caption people replied...





After the initial screenshot of the 'lovely' text exchange, in the following thread, the Twitter user added a few more details. "UPDATE: Soundest laborer I've ever had in a gaff. I was intending on saying "bye love you" as he was leaving as a joke, but he fucking said it first ahahahaha legend." wrote Marc. It turns out he really liked his interaction with the electrician and followed up by tweeting, "gonna wait 4 weeks then smash the f**k out my plug sockets so he has to come back again I think." He even left him much detailed and lengthy (hopefully useful) customer service feedback. People eventually figured out that although they both addressed each other as 'Nick'...none of them were named 'Nick.'







It could be the beginning of something or...not. Whatever it could be, it is definitely a good source of amusement for people on social media. Twitter users went gaga over this adorable exchange and had a plethora of hilarious responses to offer.


















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