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Man's answer to 'What is the most a dollar has gotten you?' makes for the cutest love story

It just took $1 to give this man the life he had always wanted with a wonderful wife, three kids and an iconic love story.

Man's answer to 'What is the most a dollar has gotten you?' makes for the cutest love story
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/Jfreak7

A tiny action can sometimes lead to something so big and life-changing that we can't help but wonder in retrospect. Something like that happened to a man, u/Jfreak7, and now, he considers himself the luckiest man in the world. While sharing the most beautiful story of his life on Reddit, the man also revealed how a dollar note blessed him with the love of his life and "three awesome kids." It all happened after a Reddit user asked a question in a now-deleted post, "What is the most a dollar has ever gotten you?"

Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Shelley Wiart
Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Shelley Wiart


u/Jfreak7 joined the discussion in the comments section and replied with a long story that won hearts on the internet and went viral. A story about how he found the love of his life, his three beautiful kids, and his whole life as he knows it. He went into more detail and wrote: "Back in Junior High, I liked a girl and flirted with her quite a bit. One time, during a band trip, we stopped at a gas station and she bought me a pack of gum. I tried to pay her back $1 but she refused. So, I slipped the $1 in her pocket. She then slipped the dollar into my backpack and so began the back and forth with the $1 bill. We found silly ways to give it back and forth. I mailed it to her house. She stuffed it in a gum wrapper and offered me a piece. I then decided that I would ask her out on this $1. I wrote, 'Will you go out with me' on it and put it in a note and gave it to her. She said yes (of course, it would be a terrible story otherwise, I suppose). About four years later, I still had the same dollar kept away. On our anniversary, I wrote 'Will you marry me' at the bottom of the dollar. We have been married for 15 years and have three awesome kids. We still have that dollar stored away."

Image Source: Reddit/u/Jfreak7
Image Source: Reddit/u/Jfreak7


A lot of the users on Reddit wanted to see the said dollar, so, u/Jfreak7 obliged. Many users also had a lot of wonderful things to say to him, right from u/doldrums12 calling this the "best story on the thread" to u/phisch exclaiming what a "cute movie script" this would make for. Another user, u/pixierambling, said: "Frame it!! This story is so freaking cut!!" and u/Jfreak7 obliged. A year later, u/Jfreak7 opened his account to have found his reply to have gone viral. He was extremely thankful as well. He added, "A few days after this original post, we both (he and his wife) decided to frame the $1. Here is the picture of the case." What a heartwarming story!

Image Source: Reddit/u/Jfreak7
Image Source: Reddit/u/Jfreak7


Love stories are always beautiful, but stories like these - full of innocence, friendship and pure love - they're rare to come by. This story also teaches us just how crucial a small action of ours is in the bigger picture. 

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