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Manager who tried to get ChatGPT to replace employees gets a taste of his own medicine

The middle manager was constantly pestering the employer to replace employees with AI, till he got a taste of his own medicine.

Manager who tried to get ChatGPT to replace employees gets a taste of his own medicine
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Christina Morillo; Reddit | Comeptitionextreme36

The evolution of AI and ChatGPT has become a threat to many working professionals. Many jobs are being replaced by automated technology, transforming into a growing worry for employees. Several factors like emotion and creativity are irreplaceable in any job title. Reddit user u/CompetitionExtreme36 shared a post revealing they hired a middle manager who pestered them to use ChatGPT as a replacement. Unfortunately, the man received a hysterical taste of his own medicine. “I own a managed service provider (MSP) firm which provides cloud computing services to clients. Business is good enough to pay my employees a respectable wage while offering them a good work-life balance,” the employer said.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Matheus Bertelli
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Matheus Bertelli

The employer revealed they didn’t have to let go of a single employee thanks to how the business was running. However, they hired an IT technician (Harry) as a middle manager to help ease the work. But the man became a disturbing threat. “Harry seems to have gone off the rails about AI. He has started micromanaging our coworkers to an unacceptable extent,” the post mentioned. Harry even started vouching for AI and how it can easily replace employees and cut costs. After being bugged about the issue persistently, the employer got agitated. They compromised and looked at the AI software, as suggested by Harry.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Representative Image Source: Pexels| LinkedIn Sales Navigator

“I looked at ChatGPT and there’s no way it could replace any of my technical employees. ChatGPT has no agency, nor can it deal with clients, nor can it see the computer screen to troubleshoot jacksh*t,” the post read. The suggestions and constant pestering were nothing but a burden to the employer. They added, “However, ChatGPT could easily replace a middle manager, assuming someone else takes on some additional responsibility daily. You see ChatGPT has a Code Interpreter mode (which can do calculations and process spreadsheets),” the employer said. They added that these reasons ironically pointed out that only Harry’s job could be replaced via Chat GPT.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pavel Danilyuk
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Pavel Danilyuk

“I kept this in mind and have been shadowing Harry’s job for the past few months. A good employee retired last week. I approached Harry and told him that I took his suggestions to heart and have decided to automate his role with AI,” the employer hilariously mentioned. They did offer the middle manager a redundancy package and an alternative role. “Unfortunately for Harry, he’ll lose the comfy privileges being a middle manager entails. Fortunately for our coworkers, they will have an impartial AI making decisions. Fortunately for me, I won’t have to pay for a redundant role,” the employer hysterically exclaimed.

Harry got hit back with the very idea he proposed in the most hilarious comeback. People appreciated the turn of events, especially employees who understood the worry of being replaced. u/Mountain-Butterfly38 wrote, “Funny how his suggestion came back and hurt him. I’m sure the employees appreciate it.” u/CWilliam99 pointed out, “If you want AI to do the work, be prepared for it to take your job.” u/SoucePrevious3905 sarcastically remarked, “Middle management, the true purpose of AI. We have too many managers anyway.” u/Navi_King said, “This would have been kind of mean if you hadn’t given him another job but since you did, it’s just funny.”

Image Source: Reddit|u/steggun_cinargo
Image Source: Reddit | u/steggun_cinargo
Image Source: Reddit|u/ChiTownBob
Image Source: Reddit | u/ChiTownBob

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