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Manager defends woman being harassed by 'Karen' after being mistaken for an employee

Assumptions can often lead to a lot of misunderstanding, especially when those assumptions stem from silly stereotypes and baseless facts.

Manager defends woman being harassed by 'Karen' after being mistaken for an employee
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Gary Barnes, Reddit | u/Liuo_0901

Wherever you go, there will always be people who seem to have a problem with everyone and everything for no apparent reason. In the United States local vocabulary, such people are called Karen. A Karen is someone who just wants to pick a fight or "see your manager" for something extremely silly or unnecessary. A story was recently posted on Reddit by u/Liuo_0901 wherein she talks about one such Karen and the aftermath of the latter's behavior.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project
Representative Image Source: Pexels | RDNE Stock project

Before starting the story, the woman gives a disclaimer and states that she works in a bookstore quite famous in her country and that her uniform is a "white blouse with a cactus green fabric apron with the name of the bookstore embroidered on it." She also mentions that she generally wears a bun. Almost every day during her lunch, she would stop by the cafe next door. Such frequent visits have led her to become a regular at the cafe and the staff there also know her by her name. Ending her disclaimer, she begins her story about what happened there the other day.

The day of the incident too, she went to the cafe as per usual and joined the queue for snacks and tea. Since the cafe is right next door, she didn't bother removing her apron. Once she was done with her order, she sat down at the counter to talk to some of the people who worked there. While she was in the middle of a conversation about some new books her bookstore got with one of the employees there, a woman the writer called Karen, appeared next to her and started shouting. She said, "Why are you chatting when you should be serving me?" In no time, Karen's shouting had garnered the attention of the whole cafe. However, the bookstore employee remained puzzled and unfazed.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ketut Subiyanto

She said, "And then Karen pulled me over and started shouting about how useless I was and that she was going to report me to my boss." After almost 10 minutes of Karen's yelling and the bookstore employee's confusion, the latter barely managed to say, "Ma'am, there must be something wrong; I don't work here," before Karen interrupted her again to say, "What bullsh**, I saw you chatting. How can you stay here chatting while I'm waiting for more than 30 minutes for my order?"

Despite other employees trying to convince Karen that the woman wasn't an employee, all she kept saying was that "she (the bookstore employee) has a bun and wears an apron." Karen then urged to see the boss, Arthur, who was a "young man in his 50s" and knew the bookstore employee well. When she didn't listen to Arthur either, he did what should have been done. He sent her out, handed the money into her hand and pushed her outside the cafe while she was shouting that she was "going to call the police."

Image Source: Reddit | u/3lm1Ster
Image Source: Reddit | u/3lm1Ster

Since the cafe had a lot of cameras inside, she wasn't worried. Plus, even her manager was witness to the whole thing. Arthur did the correct thing by standing up for the woman since all Karen did was harass her. That said, the woman and her manager laughed about the whole scenario back at the bookstore for the next week or so. Reading the post, u/dave900575 joked and said, "That is why I usually wear a scone or a muffin instead of a bun." u/Rude_Land_5788 said, "I love how the people who work there aren't even going to deal with her. Money-back and out the door." All things done, Arthur was a wonderful young man to have done the correct thing for the bookstore employee.

Image Source: Reddit | u/superminh13
Image Source: Reddit | u/superminh13

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