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Man with weeks to live surprises wife with vow renewal in front of their family and we're crying

'He spent his final days planning a surprise vow renewal from his hospital bed.'

Man with weeks to live surprises wife with vow renewal in front of their family and we're crying
Image Source: Reddit/inside_Pattern9488

Watching a loved one battling terminal illness is gut-wrenching. Knowing that they may not have enough time left with their loved ones makes it extremely painful. People try to alleviate their pain by creating beautiful memories for a lifetime and trying to fulfill their final wishes. In a beautiful yet heartbreaking moment, a terminally ill man surprised his wife by renewing their vows.

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


In a video posted on Reddit by Inside_Pattern9488, a woman dressed in black is seen carrying a bouquet of flowers. The text inlay reads, "On this day last year, I thought I was headed to a picnic." She writes that they had been told that her husband's cancer had progressed and he only had a few weeks left to live. The woman can be seen tearing up as soon as she realized that her husband has planned to surprise her with a vow renewal. She said, "Our families came up to be with us, and Tommy told us he wanted to have a picnic with everyone to get some fresh air." She added that as she walked toward the supposed picnic spot, she saw her family lined up on either side. She further wrote, "He spent his final days planning a surprise vow renewal from his hospital bed" adding that she has "no idea how he did it."


The family gathered around the couple and showered her with flowers and hugs as they welcomed the woman. She can also be seen hugging her husband and shedding some tears of joy and maybe heartbreak. She wrote that her husband, Tommy, always pulled off the impossible for the ones he loved. The video shows pictures of the couple hugging kids and eating cake. The woman wrote, "It was not only a celebration of our love but a celebration of Tommy and the way he lived." She further added, "Cancer may have taken our time, but one hundred years wouldn't have been enough." She concluded by saying that she is glad they cherished every bit of the time they have left. 

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


The video, which was captioned, "They deserve all the love," moved people on Reddit to tears with many commenting that they cried after seeing this. One person commented, "may she live in peace. I cannot imagine the pain she experienced leading up to and following his death." Another said, "Reminds me of the song, "I can't swear that I'll be here for the rest of your life, but I swear I'll love you for the rest of mine." Trace Adkins - The Rest of Mine."

Image Source: Getty Images/laflor
Representative Image Source: Getty Images/laflor


"I can't breathe and tears are dripping down my face. Rest in Peace, you beautiful man! My heart breaks for this couple but they know they truly experienced love!" said another user. Many people shared their own experiences of losing a loved one due to cancer, a person commented, "I’m crying like a baby. . I too lost someone very close to me earlier this year from a Glioblastoma." 

Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit


Another person shared, "My next-door neighbor’s daughter recently married the guy she has been dating for several years after he was given his terminal cancer diagnosis. They absolutely loved each other and planned to get married anyway, but his health rapidly deteriorated so they got married and had a small ceremony a year earlier than they planned. He passed away a few months ago (a few weeks after the wedding). He was the sweetest guy and just a friend to everyone he met. F*ck cancer!"

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