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Man with schizophrenia finds comfort in his young nephew after losing all his friends

The viral video shows how the toddler hugs his uncle and sits with him happily and how Adder 'brings little treats' for his nephew every time.

Man with schizophrenia finds comfort in his young nephew after losing all his friends
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/FuturisticFighting

When we face difficulties, we also receive love and support from the most unexpected places. It surprises us, warms our hearts, and even restores our hope in humanity. In a recent video uploaded on Reddit by u/FuturisticFighting, we see a man sitting next to a child and watching TV. The subtext of the video reads, "This is my brother Adder. When he became Schizophrenic, he lost a lot of friends." In the video, we see how the child and his uncle are sitting next to each other comfortably and happily. The subtext further reads, "He (Adder) likes routine and comes over for a movie at 7 pm most nights. It has become my son Beau's favorite time of the day."

Image Source: Reddit | u/FuturisticFighting
Image Source: Reddit | u/FuturisticFighting


The video has several moments where the uncle and the nephew are seen seeking comfort in each other's company. He is also seen hugging his uncle and gently touching him. The subtext also reveals how "Beau will not sit still like this for anyone else." As for Adder, he "brings little treats for his nephew and tells him that he is so sweet." It concludes, "They make each other so happy." Their pictures are also added at the end of the video. The video could not have been more touching and for this reason, it has garnered 106 thousand upvotes and 1.2 thousand comments.

Image Source: Reddit | u/FuturisticFighting
Image Source: Reddit | u/FuturisticFighting


u/covfefeboss shared, "Wishing your uncle the best. Schizophrenia is a horrible disorder that no one deserves." u/i_am_a_babykangaroo commented, "I’m in tears. As someone who has a very close loved one with bipolar disorder who has gone through some pretty severe manic episodes this is incredibly moving to me." u/thesnobbishgunman revealed, "This poor guy is holding onto what sanity he feels by having a routine so he can try to know what's real and isn't real." u/Beahner expressed, "Oh man. Yeah, I’m not from the same cultural heritage as you, but I do live in Florida and am in the special needs community. It is prevalent in some cultures to not look deeper into things and just try to take care of a loved one. It’s flawed in that there is help out there. And I’m so glad he’s getting that help. That said, routine is a huge coping strategy." u/VandesKaani shared, "At some moments in life, we all have to suffer from something. In those moments this is what we need. A little something to remind us. This isn't the end."

This is true that in moments of suffering, some support from our loved ones might go a long way. It gives us hope to keep going despite the obstacles as we all love to feel cared for and appreciated by our loved ones. This video is adorable for the reason that the child offers the support that the man in the video needs and makes him feel connected and cared for. As for the child, he also appreciates his uncle's company more than anything else. This video is a true example of how unconditional love can be healing. 

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