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Man with down syndrome fulfills a longstanding wish of taking his nephew on a drive in moving video

He can be seen cautiously driving his nephew on a lawn mover and the little boy trusts him completely.

Man with down syndrome fulfills a longstanding wish of taking his nephew on a drive in moving video
Image Source: TikTok/erinadvocates

People with disabilities often cannot do several things that able-bodied people do on daily basis. This man with Down Syndrome was able to do the same when he fulfilled his long-standing wish of driving his nephew. According to the TikTok video posted by @erinadvocates, the man can be seen sitting on a land mower. The text inlay reads, "My brother with Down Syndrome will probably never drive his own car." 

Image Source: TikTok/erinadvocates
Image Source: TikTok/erinadvocates


It further mentions that he did not give up despite his disability and when he got his own driving lawnmower, he had one goal: "to give his nephew a ride." The video shows his nephew sitting on his lap while he drives carefully. The text inlay mentions that "he's seen every other adult able to drive his nephew around." He never could do that until this beautiful moment with his nephew. The video also portrays the wonderful bond between them as he kisses the little boy's forehead while driving. The nephew completely trusts his uncle throughout the drive and was extremely happy.



The video has already gathered more than 700k views on TikTok and thousands of comments. TikTok user @hay_hoffman commented, "Sobbing. My uncle Chuck, who also had DS, loved to drive the John Deere tractor. I remember sitting on his lap just like that." Another user @jilly_shoe said, "Our neighbor with DS gives rides up and down our road. He’s a legend and loves it!" A third user, @randythebuilder1, said, "Never say never he looks like he can keep it between the lines way better than most out here driving. He has good skills, look at him drive." 

The adorable video was also shared on Twitter by GoodNewsMovement and has gathered 20.5k till now. People were moved to tears by this display of affection and dedication toward his nephew. In another beautiful moment like this, Joe Sullivan, from Melrose, Massachusetts, got his first paycheck and the joy on his face was caught on video. Being a person with Down Syndrome, it wasn't easy for him but his kindness and hard work worked wonders. He calls out the playing card that matches each customer's order rather than their names, which is an uncommon way of calling out orders from clients. It is a really clever solution for anyone who has communication difficulties. After two weeks of working Sullivan received his first paycheck, and the excitement he felt is unmatched. 


His mother said, "He wasn’t concerned with how much it was for. He loves going there to work." He set aside all of his earnings to buy his family gifts for the holidays. In the video, Sullivan can be seen bouncing and yelling with happiness when he receives his paycheck. He yells out in joy as he receives a wave of applause from everyone nearby. He expresses unbridled excitement at this accomplishment, which inspires us to value even the simple things in life. 

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