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Man with autism has the most wholesome reaction when family surprises him at work

He works at the college cafe and is always excited and joyful when his friends and family suprise him at work.

Man with autism has the most wholesome reaction when family surprises him at work
Cover Image Source: Instagram/WackDog

Individuals on the autism spectrum often have trouble communicating with people around them. However, a little patience and kindness might allow them to take a leap of faith. An adorable video of a person with autism greeted by family members is doing rounds on social media and it is the best thing you'll see today. The video was posted by a Veterinarian on Instagram with the caption, "Tyler and I live out of state but he gets excited with all visitors. Jon Jon has a beautiful story and is such an inspiration."

In the video, she walks into a fast food outlet, surprising her brother at work. Jon jumps in joy as he sees her sister walk through the door. She explains that as she lives out of state, the surprise was "extra special." Her brother can be seen smiling ear-to-ear and being excited to see his sister. She explains that he is currently attending college and works at the college cafe making french fries, his favorite snack. 

Image Source: Instagram/WackDog
Image Source: Instagram/WackDog


The video also shows several other family members surprising him at work and each time he was the most joyful reaction. She mentions that he is "only a fraction of who he is" and they are all proud of his accomplishments. Like other people with autism, he had to face several difficulties in life. She adds that despite these challenges, Jon tries hard to do the things he wishes and spreads joy around him. The sister further mentions that she is proud of him and she is lucky to have a "brother, friend and support system." 

The video has gathered almost 250k views and thousands of comments from users who are now admirers of Jon. One person commented, "He is a such pure joy!!!! I’m jealous! I wish I had a brother as wonderful as yours!!!!" Another added, "His joy is absolutely intoxicating and I can’t help but smile from ear to ear with this video." A co-worker of his also chimed in to appreciate Jon Jon, "He always has the brightest smile and greetings when he sees customers :) we all enjoy working with him and the bright light he brings in every shift!! We also have a few students that always enjoy seeing him at the cafe too!!"

Image Source: Instagram/WackDog
Image Source: Instagram/WackDog


Another Instagram user commented, "Thank you for sharing… I teared up seeing how jovial he is and he has such a bright beautiful smile!" An Instagram user said, "I love this! My son Alex is Autistic and 12 years old. I look forward to his future."

In another adorable video, a little boy with autism can be seen enjoying a Halloween party for the first time. The child can be seen really loving the disco and beaming with delight. His parent mentioned in the video that he usually has to face several obstacles due to autism, but now after hard work and patience, he takes part in all activities he loves. The video also went viral on the internet with several users moved to joy after seeing this little boy's happiness.


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