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Man who won lottery of $4 million is spending it in the most wholesome way possible

He won a striking 4 million dollars through a cash ticket recently and has already decided how he's going to spend the cash remarkably.

Man who won lottery of $4 million is spending it in the most wholesome way possible
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @mastatelottery

It’s not every day that one wins a lottery and so if and when the blooming opportunity arrives, one should make the most of it. Making the most of it would mean spending and saving as much as possible on dream expenses for most people. However, for the selfless and kind Paul J Riley, winning money meant something different. The man who won a $4 million lottery recently decided to spend some of it for a wholesome reason that would make the win all the more worthwhile. He won the lottery through a cash scratch ticket in Peabody and received a whopping amount which he already knows how he will be spending, per CBS News.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Waldemar
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Waldemar

The man arrived with his beloved pet dog Raven to collect the prize. @mastatelottery shared a picture of the man with his pet and the check for a hefty $4 million. Riley has opted for a one-time payment and will be taking home $2.6 million before taxes. Riley revealed that he would be making 2 important payments with the money he received. Firstly, he’d like to purchase a car for his wife and secondly, he’d like to donate some of the cash towards a "pawfect" cause. Riley will be donating the money to an Animal Rescue Shelter to help furry friends in need and the gesture is too kind. "An animal lover, he said he plans to use some of his winnings to donate to the Animal Rescue League," the Lottery said in a statement.

The post shared on the Instagram page also had a caption that read, “$4 MILLION winner pictured with his VIP, very important puppy, Raven. He plans on buying his wife a car and donating to the Animal Rescue League!” Several people applauded the man for his kind act and are in awe of his selfless stature. @bosco2999 said, “Donating to Animal Shelter is an amazing thing to do.” @marlsb0201 said, “Love that he included his fur baby in the picture.” @elena_marie1985 said, “Look at the dog! Congratulations and bless you for donating to our fur babies.” @marlsb0201 said, “Amazing man! Love that he is donating to the animals. They need as much help as they can get.”

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The lottery has paved the way for several wholesome winnings. Recently many others have been lucky recipients of over $1 million and they have used it towards wholesome causes. While some are funding a much-awaited trip to their dream destinations, others are paying off mortgages and whatnot. Riley’s ticket was purchased in Peabody itself and there is still $4 million waiting for another lucky winner along with prizes of 1 million dollars and 2 million dollars as well. Riley’s post that was reshared on Twitter has also created quite the buzz. Commenters are beyond awestruck at the generous thought the man had. @JulieCasselD1 said, “Sometimes things just turn out right.” @AliHaider929said, “That's awesome! Dogs bring luck and love. It's great he's using the winnings to help animals. Best of luck to him and his furry friend!” @Elbie20222 said, “He's so happy he can help animals!”




Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 26, 2024. It has since been updated.

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